The OnePlus 5 prototype confirms dual camera, but real design remains a secret

Another day and another leak about OnePlus 5. We are in no dearth of news about the upcoming flagship phone. So much so that several concept renders as well as prototype images have been leaked. Yet, the picture remains hazy. Once again we get to have a peek at what OnePlus 5 might look like, thanks to another prototype image which has emerged online.

This time the leaked OnePlus image looks like the real deal. And it also confirms the dual camera set-up. As seen in the image, the dual cameras will be placed vertically on OnePlus 5 with the LED flash below it. And with the antenna lines at the top and bottom, the rear looks very much like the OnePlus 3.

Having said that, there’s no way to confirm the legitimacy of this prototype image. In fact, it has already run under the scrutiny lens and received a thumbs down. A Weibo user has uploaded the prototype image calling it fake. This means the real One Plus 5 which we will get to see this summer might actually look a lot different than the design portrayed by the prototype.

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But the pricing details of OnePlus 5 suggested by the source, who has provided the prototype image, seem legit. As per the source, OnePlus will up its game as well as price with the upcoming flagship smartphone. And it makes complete sense as OnePlus 5 will be endowed with better spechseheet and costly components which in turn will force the Chinese manufacturer to hike the price.

Another reason cited by the source for increasing the OnePlus 5 price is to ‘signal competitiveness with the biggest brands‘. Although he refrained from quoting an exact price, it definitely has to hover around $650.

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This does deflate our hopes of seeing another flagship product at mid-range price. But on second thoughts, if OnePlus has been giving us high-end products at a nominal price, we can’t help but imagine what will come out of a device priced at as high as $650.

Source: Android Authority / Weibo

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