Waiting for OnePlus 5 launch? Pass your time with these concept renders

The heat building up prior to the launch of a flagship product can at times get quite taxing for the smartphone manufacturers. This waiting period can also be very unnerving and agitating for the consumers in general and tech enthusiasts in particular as they are left speculating and guessing about the spechseet of the flagship smartphone. During this time, one of the best ways to cool your nerves and let creativity unfold could be bringing all your imagination to the fore front and create concept renders of the phone. And if you aren’t that much of a techie person, you can better still sit back, relax and enjoy some of the concept renders leaked. Here we have a bunch of them showing what OnePlus 5 would look like.

A dual rear camera set-up on OnePlus 5 is almost confirmed. Two such renders, coming from the Weibo handle of @Kumamoto Technology (translated) show exactly that, exploring ways in which the placement of the cameras can be made. As seen below, OnepPlus 5 could sport both the cameras towards the top right hand side, in a horizontal manner either separately or together, with the flash placed beside.

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In another concept render, Kumamoto Technology shows a black color OnePlus 5 with the same horizontal dual rear camera placements and flash by the side, with antenna lines shown donning the top and bottom end.

Another Weibo user with @Digital mad newspaper moniker (translated name) showed an altogether different placement of the rear cameras. Placed horizontally at the center, in one the renders the dual cameras are seen placed together with dual LED flash separately below while in another all the four, that is two cameras and two LED flashes are placed together. The third render from the same user shows a single LED flash below the horizontally placed dual cameras. The fourth and the last one also is exactly like the third, except without the antenna line below.

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These are interesting takes on the theoretical specsheet known till now. Let us know, which concept render would you like OnePlus 5 to actually resemble?

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