OnePlus 5 specs revealed via AnTuTu listing; SD835, 6GB RAM and no Quad HD display

The summer release of OnePlus 5 is officially confirmed but the spec list picture is still distorted. There have been conflicting reports about the camera set-up, the display quality and the storage capacity on board. Adding to the confusion is the OnePlus 5 AnTuTu listing leaked via Weibo.

The AnTuTu listing shows the OnePlus 5 running Android 7.1.1 Nougat. The SoC listed is Snapdragon 835 paired with Adreno 540 GPU. Till here the picture is clear. The conflicting part is the 1080X1920 resolution or Full HD display OnePlus 5 is touted to carry, as per AnTuTu. This is not at all in line with all past reports showing a 2K or Quad HD display. The next conflicting specsheet is the storage option. AnTuTu shows 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM on board the OnePlus 5 while past leaks have shown the phone also carrying 8GB RAM.

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There could be one possible explanation for this. There will be two versions of OnePlus 5, as the company did with last year’s flagship OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. One OnePlus 5 version will sport Full HD display and carry 6GB RAM with 64GB in-built storage while the premium variant will come with Quad HD display and 8GB RAM paired with 128GB ROM.

As Quad HD display has become something of a norm for even budget flagship smartphones, we really feel that OnePlus will not miss on it. And while Full HD display is good enough for a 5.5-inch screen, one really needs a Quad HD display and its massive resolution for VR gaming, which is a big thing now.

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The AnTuTu shows the OnePlus sporting 16MP+16MP cameras. So, the flagship phone getting a dual camera set-up is confirmed, but the conflict arises in the placement of the sensors, whether it will be in the front or rear. Some leaks have supported the rear dual camera theory while design sketches released show two cameras placed at the front.

Other OnePlus 5 rumored features are a 5.5-inch display, 3600 mAh battery and a front fingerprint scanner.

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  1. so dual cameras r confirmed, but it’s a bummer that there is still no 2k display, but price will be less for FHD panel!!

  2. so dual cameras r confirmed, but it’s a bummer that there is still no 2k display, but price will be less for FHD panel!!

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