OnePlus 5 specs rumored again, 3600 mAh battery, 6GB/8GB RAM and Mi6-like dual camera talked about

We’ve got some new information regarding the OnePlus 5. So far, we’ve heard a lot about the upcoming flagship from OnePlus. We haven’t really seen the device in flesh, but we’ve seen alleged camera samples, we pretty much know the model number, and a number of other specs.

Now, a new source is telling us that OnePlus would manufacture a 256GB variant of the OnePlus 5 with 8GB of RAM. The source also says that dual camera is pretty much confirmed, but it won’t be arranged as the renders have you believe.

The fingerprint scanner and the Home button will remain at the front of the device. The phone would have even better Dash Charge features, the source says it will be 25 percent faster. And lastly, there are some chances that the OnePlus 5 may not feature the headphone jack.

Also, the battery capacity would be 3600 mAh, which is slightly more than the OnePlus 3T. Other than that, the OnePlus 5 is expected to feature the Snapdragon 835 processor, and hopefully a 2K resolution display. The phone could be announced in a couple of months.

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  1. Really hyped for this phone,hopefully the jack stays.As expected the 835 is the processor and really good display too:) wondering how they’ll manage to pack all that power into that size 😉

  2. so one of the official leak is hear to put some light on OnePlus 5’s specs, as expected the SD835 chip is there to power all things with 2K screen and a possibility of Dual cameras, I can see the battery and RAM has bumped up a little from 3000 to 3600 and from 6GB to 8GB which r great changes and give the 10nm based built of SD835 u can expect some pretty good results from this battery, although not happy about the last part, are they really considering to remove the headphone jack like Xiaomi did this year, looks like with affordable flagships like Mi6 and OnePlus 5 removing the headphone jack we will have no choice but to move towards bluetooth devices or to use adapters with both charging and 3.5mm ports!!

  3. I wish they would add some water and dust resistance? Phones are something we have with us all the time, everywhere and being able to withstand rain and splashes can makes lives a lot more convenient.
    Judging by OnePlus’s track record, I really doubt that they will exclude the headphone jack. Although I did hear Carl Pei tell that OnePlus looks apple as its competition and role model, I don’t think he was referring to following all the apple-esque feature and designs and changes.
    Oneplus flagship line is one of the most awaited releases atleast in india. I have heard so many people say they are waiting for the next OP phone to release to buy. So they are doing some things right, However, compared to OP1, OP2 was costlier and compared to OP2, OP3 is costlier and same with the OP3t. I do understand that they are simply trying to make higher quality phones but then they will lose out on what most people like OP for if they keep going upward with the prices.

    1. Yes, I agree completely, but they as an OEM, release 1 maybe 2 phones at most a year, so if the phone can really deliver and with specifications like these, still manage to keep the price considerably lesser than the other flagships, they will no doubt, cut into the market share of their rivals. If it is great, it will sell (like hot cakes) but yeah, for growing markets like India, that won’t be as good. 🙁

      1. Yes that is their main selling point. No major compromises on hardware standard, boasting a specifications sheet that puts most devices double its cost to shame and doing all this at a significantly lower price.
        If they stop this and raise prices, they might still make great phones but they will have to give up what dragged them into spotlight and gave them their recognition in the first place. Maybe they will gain new loyal customers but will probably lose the old ones that loved Oneplus for what they used to do in the first place.

        1. True and that is the reason, I believe they never added a Quad HD display to the 2, 3 or 3t for that matter. They had to cut costs somewhere, so if they stick to the 30k range , we should not expect them to come with a display like the S8. I bet they know this, and they won’t go too overboard with the Smartphone and it’s pricing. Let’s wait and see how this turns out.

  4. Wow…I was right. We should definitely wait for this one to come out, the rumors have shed some light on the device specifications but this looks too good to be true, as the price will then increase significantly over the Oneplus 3t. Again, the brand has set itself apart with the Oneplus 3t, so we might never know. 🙂

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