Alleged OnePlus 5 camera samples appear online

Recently, four images were posted online that are supposed to be camera samples from the upcoming OnePlus 5 smartphone. Now, the photos don’t really reveal much about the phone, but it looks like the camera is going to be good, if this turns out to be true.

Previous rumors have suggested that the OnePlus 5 will carry the model number A5000. The EXIF data from the images show that the device used to take the photos has the model number A5000 as well.

Also, the location data say that the images were taken in Shenzen, China, which is where the phones are made. That’s all we can gather from the EXIF data on the images. As per rumors, the OnePlus 5 would feature a dual camera setup.

Of course, these details can be easily faked, so don’t completely believe what you see or read. There have been rumors that the OnePlus 5 could come with 8GB of RAM. We will have to wait and find out!

via True-tech

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  1. not much of a info from the details of pic, but there is good detailing in them, this is just a start, there will be more pics coming before the official launch!!

  2. The hype for OnePlus 5 is real and the rumours just seem to be so good <3 The processor is confirmed to be the snapdragon 835 .Hopefully the 22mp dual lens camera rumours are true 🙂

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