OnePlus 6 firmware download: OxygenOS 9.0.3 (stable) | Open Beta 11

OnePlus 6 smartphone

In the current state of affairs of the Android OEM market, you can either choose to blend into the crowd with a pure Android experience that is similar to Google or create your very own user interface like Samsung has. However, certain brands have not only maintained a clean pure Android UI, but added their own elements to make their devices stand out from the crowd, and OnePlus is one such brand.

OnePlus runs its very own OxygenOS Beta program, and although the company does give out OTAs for the latest updates available, you can now get the mirrored files that are available for downloading right now.


OnePlus 6 firmware download

OnePlus Android 9 update

The OnePlus 6 firmware comes in different types, and each requires a different method of installation.

OnePlus 6 firmware

Date Software version Link Changelog
15 Jan 2019 Open Beta 11 | Android 9 Download

Various small improvements to Weather app, support for landscape mode in the Messaging app, and deep integration of Google Duo in the Phone app

29 Dec 2018 OxygenOS 9.0.3 | Android 9 Download

Fixes for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems, improved Nightscape photos and slow-motion video recording, Audio tuner for Bluetooth earphones, December 2018 security patch, and general bug fixes and improvements

28 Dec 2018 Open Beta 10 | Android 9 Download

New features in Gallery and Launcher apps, Caller ID (India only), screen brightness fix, Quicker unlock via PIN, UI fix for better navigation bar visibility, etc.

17 Dec 2018 Open Beta 8 | Android 9 Download

December 2018 security fix, data migration support for iPhone via OnePlus Switch, call history for unknown numbers, better UI for spam calls and messages, toast message for parallel apps unavailability because of data corruption

19 Nov 2018 Open Beta 7 | Android 9 Download

Adds Video Enhancer, OnePlus Roaming, and more

01 Nov 2018 OxygenOS 9.0.2 | Android 9 Download Installs November 2018 security patch, Nightscape, Studio Lighting, and more
30 Oct 2018 Open Beta 6 | Android 9 Download Nightscape and Studio lighting features in the camera app, November 2018 security fix, new navigation gestures, improved UI of About Phone screen, a new design of Google quick search box, improvements to Gallery app and screenshot taking experience
19 Oct 2018 Open Beta 5 | Android 9 Download October 2018 security update, improved screenshot UI, and more
16 Oct 2018 OxygenOS 9.0.1 | Android 9 Download September 2018 security patch, a new UI, new adaptive battery support, and more
29 Sep 2018 Open Beta 4 | Android 9 Download

Fixes issues with touch, speed dial, call answering, and more

21 Sep 2018 OxygenOS 9.0 | Android 9.0 Download Installs stable OxygenOS 9.0 based on Android 9 Pie update
15 Sep 2018 Open Beta 3 | Android 9 Download Installs Open Beta 3, the third update under Android Pie beta program that brings bug fixes and performance improvements
09 Sep 2018 Open Beta 2 | Android 9 Download Optimizes the phone and fixes several issues, including bugs with Wi-Fi connection, pocket mode, multi-tasking, front camera image quality, messaging UI for OTP, etc.
03 Sep 2018 Open Beta 1 | Android 9 Download Installs Android 9 Pie beta update. This is official OnePlus Android 9 ROM from OnePlus under their own beta program
21 Aug 2018 OxygenOS 5.1.11 | Android 8.1 Download Fixed screen flickering issue, improved HDR camera mode, optimized Wi-Fi stability, and more
17 July 2018 OxygenOS 5.1.9 | Android 8.1 Download Google Lens support and camera improvements
17 June 2018 OxygenOS 5.1.8 | Android 8.1 Download This is India specific build. Improves call quality, network and system stability, and other issues. Also includes OxygenOS 5.1.7 improvements
15 June 2018 OxygenOS 5.1.7 | Android 8.1 Download Fixes issues DND schedule, brings bootloader fix, and some other general bug fixes and system improvements. [NOT AVAILABLE in India, where they will release OxygenOS 5.1.8 to fix the country-related issues from previous build (5.1.6)]
09 June 2018 OxygenOS 5.1.6 | Android 8.1 Download Adds front camera Portrait mode, battery percentage in the status bar, schedule Do Not Disturb(DND) mode, Dual-4G network option, smart answer for Bluetooth, preview for Light Bokeh effect in Portrait mode, optimizes call clarity, fixes stability issues for Dual Sim cards, and enables Idea (India) VoLTE services
24 May 2018 OxygenOS 5.1.5 | Android 8.1 Download Adds support for super slow motion (720p@480fps and 1080p@240fps), quick capture in portrait mode, and more actions for recently deleted files
N.A. OxygenOS 5.1.3 Download N.A.

OnePlus 6 Android Pie download


How to install the firmware on OnePlus 6

Once you have downloaded the OTA update files for your brand new OnePlus 6, installing them to the device is surprisingly simple. To manually install an update, see the guide below that guides you to the installation procedure using the System updates menu in the Settings app.

OnePlus 6 local upgrade

  1. Download the OnePlus 6 update file from the table above.
  2. Transfer the downloaded zip file to the internal storage of your OnePlus 6.
  3. Install the update using the updater menu in the Settings app. Here’s how:
    1. Head over to Settings – System — System updates and tap on the Gear icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
      install OnePlus 6 update
    2. Select Local upgrade from the menu and choose the OTA zip file that you downloaded earlier.
    3. Tap on the Install Now to begin the process.
    4. The update process will begin. When it ends, tap on the Reboot now to restart the device and complete the update.
  4. [If required] In case your device fails to boot and gets stuck into recovery mode, here’s a fix. You will need to factory reset the device. Here’s how:
    1. Tap on Wipe data and cache.
    2. Tap on Erase everything (Music, Pics, etc.).
    3. Tap on This cannot be undone, continue?.
    4. Tap on Reboot.

That’s it.

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