Open Beta 5 update for OnePlus 6 improves screenshot UI and Power off menu

OnePlus 6 update

The OnePlus 6 is most definitely the one of the best value for money devices to ever come along. The first few generations of the OnePlus devices arguably had a few shortcomings either in the camera department or in the build quality, but with the OnePlus 6, that has certainly changed.

OnePlus has finally reached actual flagship device standards with its OnePlus 6 as it is an all-around great smartphone and a few tech enthusiasts have even picked the OnePlus 6 over the Samsung Galaxy S9 mostly due to the software choices of OnePlus over anything else.

OnePlus has recently been far more quick to roll out new updates and bug fixes than any other OEM in the market as the OnePlus 6 is one of the only few flagship devices to rock Android 9 Pie update right now. Speaking of updates and bug fixes, OnePlus has now rolled out a new update to for the OnePlus 6. The new update is available for OnePlus 6 Open Beta 5 users.

The OTA update brings along a few minor UI tweaks, precisely, improved UI for the power menu and improved UI for the screenshot interface. The update also contains the October security patch which adds a better layer of security for the device. Apart from a couple of UI enhancements, there aren’t any other improvements mentioned in the changelog.



You could also download the update and flash it on your OnePlus 6 manually in case you haven’t received the OTA update yet. Although, in case you are new to this, we’d recommend waiting for the OTA update to become available on your device.

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