Google indirectly says Nexus 4 doesn’t support USB OTG

Back in November we learned that the Nexus 4, Google’s high-flying yet barely available for purchase Nexus smartphone, doesn’t support USB OTG functionality out of the box, which basically means that people can’t connect USB devices such as keyboards, mice, or hard disk drives to the Nexus 4 via a USB OTG cable.

People were hoping though that OTG support might come in a software update as the feature was mentioned in the Nexus 4’s user manual, but Google has now retracted and updated the Nexus 4’s Play Store page saying that USB cannot be used to connect external devices like keyboard and mouse. Which is to say that USB OTG is not at all supported on the Nexus 4, so if connecting USB devices is something you were hoping to do, the Nexus 4 probably isn’t the right phone for you.

This not surprising though, as the Optimus G doesn’t support OTG, which we all know the Nexus 4 is based on when it comes to the hardware. It is sad considering both the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 supported it, and with the latter also being quite cheaply priced like the Nexus 4, we can’t really call the device’s low price a reason for the missing OTG support.

Any of you disappointed by this, or is USB OTG not something you use to be worried about it?

Via: Droid Life | Source: Google Support


  1. So the N4 has no method of storage apart from the internal memory? That is BAD!

    I have a 32Gb SD card on my Galaxy S3 (not available on the N4), and I use an OTG cable to connect a 64GB Flash Drive which contains nearly 40 films (not available on the N4), and I always carry a spare battery with me (not available on the N4).

    Can the N4 do ANYTHING except make calls?

    I was going to sell my S3 to buy one of these. It looks like I have saved myself ÂŁ279.00.

    I thought that the N4 represented good value for money; but it seems that the old saying ‘If it seems too good to be true then it probably is’ sums up this phone perfectly.

    1. That’s certainly not the case. The Nexus 4, despite its several flaws, still represents the best phone in its price range, and maybe even one of the best out there. It has it’s advantages over the S3, and obviously it has its disadvantages too.

  2. Liar! The LG Optimus G supports USB Host what it’s the same than USB OTG.

    1. Yes, the two devices are almost the same, but there are some differences as well, such as this one. Remember, the chipset, display etc are same, but things like USB Host support can be different between the two.

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