Motorola X Phone pictures leaked, named XFON for AT&T

The Motorola X Phone has always been more of a desire of Android users than a confirmed reality, well, up until now that is. Evleaks, those reputed leakers of upcoming devices, have gotten hold of what seems like the real deal – a couple of images of the purported X Phone, or should we say XFON as it appears on the back of the actual device.

You can’t really see much of the device itself in the images, as it is covered in a non-disclosure case so that final design isn’t known before its official announcement. But it’s really the back of the device that is more interesting – if you look closely, you can make out the words “XFON ATT,” which is all the confirmation we need to know that the X Phone is real and not just a fantasy concocted by the public.


According to Phone Arena’s sources, the rear side shown is the device itself instead of a case, and is made up of polycarbonate instead of Kevlar or metal. Not surprising, since polycarbonate is pretty much the most used material these days and can give a premium feel while being light and strong. Also, if the rumor of the X Phone being customizable with up to 20 different colours is true, polycarbonate becomes perhaps the only choice for the back cover.

Another thing to notice here is that there is a Motorola logo at the top of the device, though sources familiar with the matter say this is only temporary and might disappear in the final design. The phone also seems to be running a stock Android build, which isn’t surprising considering Motorola has officially confirmed that stock Android is the direction they’re headed in.

Phone Arena was also able to confirm that the X Phone will be on track for a release in early July, initially on Verizon and AT&T. Some of the specs that it should include are 32GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, and a 1080p screen of unknown size (though the prototype is running a 720p unit).

So, whether or not the X Phone is the Motorola phone that will bring the company around, we at least know that something called the “XFON” exists, and I can’t wait to see what Motorola and Google have in store for us. This surely isn’t the next Nexus phone, as Motorola doesn’t exactly have the market reach right now, but maybe things like timely updates and stock Android will make it just as good as a Nexus. Maybe.

Come on Motorola, give us some details already!

Via: Phone Arena | Source: Evleaks, 2