Motorola X Phone might sport over 20 different colour options

It has constantly been rumored that the Motorola X Phone will be extremely customizable by the end-user, even to the extent of customizing the underlying specs, and now the latest rumours suggest that the phone will launch with 20 different colour options.

That’s right, a huge number of options any way you look at it, and it should mean there’s something for everybody. They could go the Nokia way and provide exchangeable back covers, but with the trend of non-removable batteries on high-end devices, we’ll probably not see that happen. According to PhoneArena’s sources, the ability to customize hardware specs such as RAM or case material likely won’t come to pass (not really surprising), but the choice of different colours is something Google and Motorola want the users to have. Couple that with Motorola’s focus on creating devices just the right size, and it should give a unique aspect to the company’s upcoming devices.

There’s still no news on when the X Phone might be officially unveiled or what its specs will be, but here’s hoping we find some mention of it at Google I/O next month. God knows Motorola needs an ace in the hole to turn around their financial status and compete with other manufacturers, which makes the wait to see what they come up with all the more exciting, specially now that they’re under Google’s rule.

As for 20 different colour options? Count me in.

Via: Phone Arena