How to root Moto G5S Plus and install TWRP recovery

moto g5s plus root and twrp recovery

The custom development should kick off starting today for the Moto G5S Plus, as the TWRP recovery for the device is now available. In fact, it’s dead easy to gain root access on the Moto G5S Plus now, all thanks to — you guessed it! — TWRP recovery. With TWRP, you can use either of Magisk or SuperSU to gain superuser access on the Moto G5S Plus, which is also known by its codename sanders.

Moto G5S Plus root is not the only reason why you would install TWRP recovery on the device. If you’re into TWRP and root stuff, you may already know that the Android 8.0 Oreo update is out, and more importantly, the LineageOS 15 ROM based on Android 8.0 is also available for handful of devices already, having TWRP on your Moto G5S Plus allows you to install the Oreo based ROM like LineageOS 15.0 on your device when it becomes available.

For what it’s worth, there are plenty of devices for which LineageOS 15 ROM is available, and including Moto G1, Moto G2, Moto X2, Moto X Play, Moto G5S Plus, etc. Check the link below to check out all devices for which the LineageOS 15 ROM is available at the moment.

LineageOS 15 download and device list

The guide below will help you install the TWRP recovery on your Moto G5S Plus, as well as root it using the SuperSU. But note that it’s a risky procedure and if you do not know what you are doing, then you may end up damaging your device.

Motorola Moto G5S Plus TWRP Recovery and Root guide


Do not try anything given on this page if you do not know completely what you are doing. In case any damage occurs, we won’t be held responsible.


The stuff given on this page is compatible only with the Motorola Moto G5S Plus, codename sanders. Do not try this on any other device as you might end up damaging your device.

Well, in order to install TWRP recovery on your Moto G5S Plus, and thereafter root it, you would first need to unlock bootloader of the device.

How to install Moto G5S Plus TWRP Recovery and Root

Here’s how you can easily install TWRP recovery on your Moto G5S Plus.

  1. Well, first of unlock bootloader of your Moto G5S Plus using the guide linked.
  2. Download the TWRP recovery from here.
  3. Connect your phone to PC with a USB cable.
  4. Open a command window on PC in the folder where you have the TWRP recovery file. For this, go to that folder, and then in the address bar, type cmd and hit enter key. A command window will open, whose folder location will be where you have the downloaded Moto G5S Plus TWRP recovery file.
  5. With device connected to PC, reboot it to bootloader/fastboot mode by issuing the following command:
    adb reboot bootloader

    └ Check your phone’s screen, if it asks for “Allow USB debugging”, accept it by selecting OK/Yes.

  6. Now, we install TWRP recovery by issuing the following command.
    fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.1-sanders.img
  7. That’s it. TWRP recovery is now installed on your device. To access TWRP, either use the command fastboot boot twrp-3.1.1-sanders.img, or, while in bootloader mode, use volume keys to bring up recovery option, and then hit power button to select it and boot into recovery mode, where you would now have TWRP recovery.
  8. When you first boot into TWRP recovery, it will ask your permission for ‘Swipe to allow modifications for /system’. DO NOT ALLOW it. Once you allow for it, DM Verity check gets enabled by the system, and it won’t let you reboot back to OS normally until you manually disable by it flashing either SuperSU root file, or a simple DM verity disabler file. In short, allow for system modification only when you are have the DM verity disabler file or the SuperSU file ready for flash, copied to your device. For now, let’s just do not allow for it, so that we can reboot back into OS normally by selecting that option.

Moto G5S Plus Root Guide

There are two ways to root your Moto G5S Plus, one using Magisk, and another using SuperSU. Magisk is more preferred because you it gets you lots of customization thanks to its modules, and not only that, hiding root is also easy when you need to (in case of apps like Android Pay, etc.). While, SuperSU is a simple root trick, that simply does the job.

#1 Root Moto G5S Plus using Magisk

  1. Download the Magisk zip and Magisk Manager apk file:
  2. Copy both files to your Moto G5S Plus.
  3. Boot your device into TWRP recovery. (Allow for system modification by swiping.)
  4. Tap on Install and select the Magisk zip file that you transferred to your device in Step 1.
  5. After selecting the .zip file, do Swipe to Confirm Flash on the bottom of screen to begin the flashing process.
  6. Once Magisk is flashed, you’ll get Reboot System option, select it.
  7. Once your device reboots, open a file manager app » go to the folder where transferred the Magisk Manager apk file in Step 1 above, and install it.
  8. Open the Magisk Manager app and check for your device’s root status.

That’s all. Enjoy systemless root with Magisk on your Android device.

#2 Root Moto G5S Plus using SuperSU

  1. Download SuperSU zip file.
  2. Copy the SuperSU zip file to your Moto G5S Plus.
  3. Boot your device into TWRP recovery. (Allow for system modification by swiping.)
  4. Tap on Install and select the SuperSU zip file that you transferred to your device in Step 1.
  5. After selecting the .zip file, do Swipe to Confirm Flash on the bottom of screen to begin the flashing process.
  6. Once SuperSU is flashed, you’ll get Reboot System option, select it.

That’s it. Your Moto G5S Plus is rooted. To verify, download/install any root checker app from the Play Store.

Do let us know if you need any help with this.

Happy Androiding!

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  1. Thanks a lot for this great guide! I have successfully unlocked and rooted my Moto G5s Plus 😉 One small correction in the steps thou, I used the Magisk method, the apk gets installed automatically, no need to install it separately. Thanks again, Cheers!

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