May security patch rolling out to Google Pixel and Nexus devices

A new OTA update is being seeded for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices. The update installs the latest May Android security patch on the device. It also fixes several bugs and patches security vulnerabilities.

The update is also available as a factory image that can be downloaded and installed manually. Verizon and Deutsche Telekom are currently seedng the updates with build numbers N2G47T(Pixel XL) and NHG47L(Pixel), respectively. Other unlocked devices are also getting the update with build number N2G47O.

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One of the most important vulnerabilities that has been patched in this update is the ability for a hacker to execute remote code via email, web browsing, etc. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you download and install this update.

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Google is also seeding the May security update for the Pixel C and other supported Nexus devices. This update is based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat and also fixes few other bugs. Follow the links below to download the OTA and factory images.

Download Pixel and Pixel XL May security update factory images

Download Pixel and Pixel XL May security update OTA

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  1. Most users might assume that these frequent security updates and bug fixes aren’t making much difference since they come almost every month and there is now visible changes in the phone. We all like the idea of updating the phone and experiences refreshed UI changes and a bunch of new features on our phones. When instead, the update finishes installing and nothing changes, it can feel boring. However, these are the most important updates we get. These are the updates that make sure the digital life inside our phones are reliable and trustworthy enough to be used by us and prevents any potential gap in security. Obviously, google isn’t fond of doing code patch up work and looking for bugs all the time, but they still do because its very necessary. As necessary as it is for us to install these updates always.

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