Google Pixel will get guaranteed Android update till October 2018, security updates till October 2019

The Google Pixel and the Pixel XL will continue receiving guaranteed Android software updates till October 2018, confirmed Google. These devices would also receive Android security updates till October 2019.

This isn’t really surprising though, as Google has had a similar update schedule for older Nexus devices. Google released the Pixel and Pixel XL in October last year, which is why they will only received two years of Android software updates.

Google posted this information on their Android support page. One thing to notice though, is that Google says guaranteed updates. This means that if they wanted, they could provide the latest Android software update for the Pixel devices in October 2019 as well.

This means that Pixel users will get the next version of Android as well. The latest Android O preview is already available for Pixel and Pixel XL, and features several new improvements.

via Google


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