This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, ZenFone 5Z, and Honor 10

This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10 title

The LG G7 ThinQ was launched back in May this year as competition to contemporary flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Huawei P20 Pro with top specs and features like a big QHD+ display, Snapdragon 845 processor, dual rear camera, wireless charging, and many more. However, it failed to capture the imagination of buyers who flocked to buy the Samsung flagship instead.

However, considering the significant price cut we’re seeing LG make, the G7 ThinQ essentially becomes a mid-range phone now competing with top mid-range phones like the OnePlus 6T, Asus Zenfone 5Z, and Huawei Honor 10. It is now available on Flipkart India for a price of INR 32,990 – a great deal indeed (limited time offer).

Buy LG G7 ThinQ in India for just NR 32,990

In case you miss out on the offer, keep an eye on this as the offer may become available again very soon.

This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10 flipkart

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So, how does the LG G7 ThinQ phone compare to other great mid-range phones in the market? As expected from any top-level flagship, it triumphs overall and is undoubtedly a better deal. Here, in this article, we present you the entire low-down, comparing it with OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10.

Specs Comparison – LG G7 ThinQ vs OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, Honor 10

LG G7 ThinQ OnePlus 6T Asus Zenfone 5Z Huawei Honor 10
6.1-inch, 19.5:9 IPS LCD 6.41-inch 19.5:9 OLED 6.2-inch 18.7:9 IPS LCD 5.84-inch 19.9:9 IPS LCD
Snapdragon 845 processor Snapdragon 845 processor Snapdragon 845 processor Kirin 970 processor
IP 68 Water and Dust Resistant NA NA NA
micro SD card slot NA micro SD card slot NA
3.5mm audio jack, DTS X Surround Sound, Boombox Speaker NA 3.5mm audio jack, DTS Headphone X 3.5mm audio jack
Wireless Charging NA NA NA
Rear camera – 16MP+16MP (wide) lens

Font Facing – 8MP

Rear Camera- 16MP+20MP standard lens

Front Facing – 16MP

Rear Camera – 12MP+8MP standard lens

Front Facing – 8MP

Rear Camera – 16MP+24MP standard lens

Front-Facing – 24MP

INR 32,990 INR 37,999 INR 29,999 INR 24,999

Why buy LG G7 ThinQ over OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10?

This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10 camera

1. Better Camera

Out of the four phones being discussed, only the LG G7 ThinQ comes equipped with an ultrawide sensor at the back that enables you to capture great scenic pictures or group photos with relative ease. A new update has also enabled 4K video recording at 60fps, making it a class apart from the rest of the pack.

On the other hand, the camera on OnePlus 6T is largely disappointing despite good hardware. as its AI tech is nowhere close to what LG or Huawei offers. Honor 10 has incredible camera specs but doesn’t feature the ultrawide sensor that comes in LG. It does have a better selfie camera though.

This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10 water

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2. Water and Dust Resistance

The only phone amongst the four being compared to have IP68 water and dust resistance certification. This is an invaluable addition, for it secures your phone against inclement weather and accidental contact with water. This also means you won’t have to run for cover when it’s raining, you can rather take beautiful pictures while you dance in the rain!

OnePlus 6T, reportedly, offers only splash resistance which doesn’t really boost one’s confidence. The Huawei and Asus phones severely lag behind the LG phone on this aspect.

This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10 audio

3. Phenomenal Audio

Set your Bluetooth speakers aside and let your LG G7 ThinQ phone take center-stage. The Boombox loudspeaker on your phone uses the phone’s inner space as a resonance chamber to produce loud music that’s more than capable of getting your party started!

While a lot of OEMs are doing away with the 3.5mm audio jack, LG decided to further enhance it with DTS: X 3D Surround Sound. It promises an unparalleled 7.1 channel surround sound with enhanced bass and consistent volume to elevate your music listening experience to another level.

Amongst the other phones, only the Zenfone 5Z has tried to enhance the utility of the 3.5mm audio jack to provide an immersive audio experience while the OnePlus phone doesn’t even have it.

This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10 wireless

4. Wireless Charging

Most high-end flagships come with Qi wireless charging functionality and since LG was once in the same price league, it features the function too. However, mid-range behemoths OnePlus 6T, Asus Zenfone 5Z, and Huawei Honor 10 all lack this crucial functionality, giving G7 ThinQ another advantage over these phones.

5. Micro-SD slot

With cameras getting better by the day and image/video sizes increasing commensurately, it becomes imperative to have external storage available on your phone no matter how big the internal storage. This is another avenue where the otherwise impressive OnePlus 6T and Honor 10 lose out. Only the Zenfone 5Z and LG G7 ThinQ support expandable storage, giving them extra brownie points.

Why not buy the LG G7 ThinQ?

Why buy OnePlus 6T over LG G7

1. Doesn’t look as good as OnePlus 6T

While LG G7 ThinQ is a beautiful phone per se, but it doesn’t compare to the tear-drop notch look of the OnePlus 6T that also features an in-display fingerprint sensor. However, it does feature a better build quality than the other phones in comparison.


2. Lesser RAM and ROM

While the G7 ThinQ phone does have the 6GB/128GB variant like its competitors OnePlus 6T and Honor 10, it is significantly more expensive. However, we do believe that the 4GB/64GB setup in this base model with the ability to expand external storage is good enough for regular multitasking and gaming.

3. Minutely inferior display

OnePlus 6T trounces LG G7 ThinQ once again with the better 6.41″ OLED screen compared to the G7 ThinQ’s 6.1″ QHD+ IPS LCD. However, it is worth noting that the LG phone holds its own with a super bright, immersive QHD+ display and is also quite cheaper than the OnePlus phone.


This LG G7 deal makes it a better buy than OnePlus 6T, Zenfone 5Z, and Honor 10 conclusion

LG G7 ThinQ clearly has many more features and functionalities like wireless charging, unparalleled audio system, IP 68 certification etc. than the phones it is being compared to here. Upon further deliberation, we can say that only the OnePlus 6T boasts of a couple of minor advantages over the LG phone but it comes at a cost, literally. OnePlus 6T is significantly more expensive and lacks on several fronts when compared to LG G7 ThinQ.

Currently available at a price of INR 32,990 for the base model, this offer makes G7 ThinQ definitely worth buying. Sure, the Honor and Asus phones are much cheaper but they’re just not in the same league as the LG phone. So, if you can spend INR 33K on a phone and require top specs, then there’s no better phone that matches up to LG G7 ThinQ.