Best screen protectors for OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T screen protectors

Having a big scratch on your phone’s display is like having an itch you can never reach. It’s annoying and frustrating. On top of that, it also lowers the total re-sale or trade-in value of the device.

But you can solve prevent this from happening with a screen protector. These are usually cheap protective layers which you install on the front of the device so you can keep its display in pristine condition.

Some devices, like the recently launched OnePlus 6T, will ship out with a plastic screen protector pre-applied. But these protectors often become deteriorated with use, so it’s not a bad idea to have an additional screen protector waiting for you just in case.

While the OnePlus 6T just launched, there are already plenty of screen protectors available for the device. But you’ll have to be careful which one you choose. While the new in-display fingerprint sensor is designed to work with a screen protector, it’s not a guarantee with every one of these.

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OnePlus has teamed up with a few partners to make screen protectors that are guaranteed to work on the OnePlus 6T, but we’re yet to find out their names.

While we wait on that, we’re going to take a quick look at some of the options that available right now for those who want to give third-party screen protectors as shot.

Poetic Screen Protector

Poetic is one of the better-known accessory makers, and the company has a tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 6T. The product benefits from a special scratch-resistant coating that’s meant to help keep the flagship’s screen in excellent condition. With the Poetic screen protector on, you won’t have to worry about scratches or your phones catching dust or scrapes either. The accessory is super transparent and allows for 99% light transmittance, so even with it on, you’ll be able to operate your phone just as before.

Buy at Amazon ($9.95)

Orzero Screen Protector

Orzero offers a plastic screen protector for the OnePlus 6T, as well as one made of tempered glass. The plastic one is described as being hydrophobic and oleophobic, while the tempered glass one is 9H rated for hardness. Both should be able to offer a 99% clear screen view experience, as well as serious protection for the flagship’s display. The plastic protector is sold in packs of 3, while the tempered glass comes in a bundle of 2.

Buy at Amazon ($9.99)

Buy at Amazon ($7.85)

Welcci Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you prefer tempered glass screen protectors, you can take a look at the one offered by Welcci. It’s only 0.26mm thick and has been rated 9H for hardness. The product is also highly transparent, so you won’t even notice it’s on when you’re using the device. Welcci notes the protector is a bit smaller than the screen of the device, in order to prevent it from forming those annoying bubbles around the edges.

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Buy at Amazon ($8.99)

Vigeer Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 6T is offered by Vigeer. It’s super clear, so you’ll be able to use your device just like before, and also scratch proof (9H rated). The protective glass sheet is also great when if you want to keep unaesthetic fingerprints from forming all the time.

Buy at Amazon ($8.99)

IQShield LiqudSkin Full Body Skin

Unlike most screen protectors out there, IQShield’s is made using a process that melds high response sensitivity, self-healing durability and advanced transparency into a single layer of tough film. It’s super easy to apply and won’t form any annoying bubbles as you install it. The IQShield skin also includes a back film.

Buy at Amazon ($12.95)

Skinomi TechSkin

This skin from Skinomi allows users to protect the front, as well as the back of the device by installing a clear HD film. In the case of Skinomi, the company has used self-healing, flexible, military-grade thermoplastic urethane to craft the skin. It can absorb shock, but it’s also resistant against scratches, punctures, and UV light. And the best part is, it won’t yellow with use, so it will stay virtually invisible while keeping your OnePlus 6T in perfect condition.

Buy at Amazon ($12.95)

TopACE Screen Protector

If you don’t mind using a plastic screen protector, TopACE is selling a 2-pack. The screen protector is precision cut to perfectly fit your OnePlus 6T. It’s easy to install thanks to the premium silicone adhesive and can protect your phone at maximum efficiency. On top of keeping scratches away from the display, the TopACE protector is also anti-smudge and anti-fingerprint.

TopACE also offers a tempered glass variant which has been rated 9H for surface hardness.

Buy at Amazon ($6.99)

Buy at Amazon ($7.99)

Anti-Explosion Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Here’s another screen protector for the OnePlus 6T. This one has an anti-glare coating and is made of temperate glass rated up to 9H for hardness. Like most screen protectors these days, this one is also anti-fingerprint.

Buy at Giztop ($7.99)

Olixar Sentinel Case and Screen Protector

Olixar is a well-known accessory maker that currently has a case and screen protector for the OnePlus 6T available for pre-order.

The bundle includes a case made of flexible yet robust TPU which will absorb shock produced by any kind of accident. Olixar’s Sentinel also comes with a tempered glass screen protector that is designed to allow a case to work with it. The combo will ensure your OnePlus 6T never sees a scratch or a bruise.

Pre-order at Mobile Fun ($25.66)

Official OnePlus Tempered Glass Screen Protector

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, OnePlus is yet to offer its own tempered glass screen protector. Although at Mobile Fun, the accessory is already listed with a $23.09 price tag.

We’re told the protector will keep the phone’s display safe without compromising on sensitivity. OnePlus has also designed to be super clear, so you’ll be able to use the display as you normally would. Obviously, the product is super thin, so you’ll probably even forget it’s there.

Coming soon ($23.09)

OnePlus 6T tips:

So which one of these screen protectors would you want to try out on your newly acquired OnePlus 6T? Or would you rather invest in a case instead? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.