Best OnePlus 6T accessories: screen protectors, cases, earphones, power banks, and more

Best OnePlus 6T accessories

The OnePlus 6T is now official and will start shipping out to costumers soon enough. And with a new phone comes the need to stock up on accessories.

While the OnePlus 6T is a brand new device, there are already accessories available for it. Some are offered by third-party makers, while others come directly from OnePlus.

So below you’ll find a list of the top accessories you can currently get for your OnePlus 6T. More will become available in the near future, but let’s see what you can get now.

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Best OnePlus 6T screen protectors

The OnePlus 6T is the first OnePlus device to come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. But the question is, will a screen protector break the functionality of the sensor? The answer is no if you choose your protector wisely.

A thick screen could indeed mess up the accuracy of an in-display fingerprint scanner. So the best route to ensuring best results would be to get one directly from OnePlus. Case in point, the OnePlus 6T will ship out with a plastic one pre-applied. However, if you feel prefer tempered glass, OnePlus has yet to offer one. Although it will probably do so, soon enough.

While we wait on that, you can look at these third-party tempered glass screen protectors.

Orzero Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Orzero screen protector is made of such a thin layer of glass, you won’t even feel it. Even so, it’s really really tough (rated 9H) as to keep the 6T’s display from being scratched by sharp objects. The protector offers 99% HD clarity and preserves the original touch experience. The product ships with a dust remover and screen wipe. It’s available in a 2-pack.

Buy at Amazon ($7.85)

KuGi Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Accessory maker KuGi has also made a tempered glass screen protector for the OnePlus 6T. It’s rated 9H in hardness and also smudge-and-fingerprint-resistant. KuGi says the accessory boasts 99% touchscreen accuracy and retina clarity, so you won’t even notice the difference once it is on.

Buy at Amazon ($9.50)

TopACE Bye-Bye-Bubble Screen Protector

This tempered glass screen protector from TopACE also boasts a 9H rating in surface harness and 99% transparency for a great viewing experience. It benefits from an oleophobic coating, so you can say bye-bye to fingerprints. The accessory is available in All-Clear or with a Black border. TopACE says it’s bubble-free guaranteed.

Buy at Amazon ($8.99)

OnePlus 6T cases

Again the best solution, when you’re looking for protection for your new and shiny OnePlus 6T, is to go for the official cases. The company will start selling them soon, and you have a few options to choose from.

OnePlus Bumper Case

A stylish case featuring shock-resistant bumpers and a robust outer shell. Featuring a slim profile, the case is the perfect way to go if you want to make sure your OnePlus 6T stays in pristine condition. And given the phone’s slippery nature, the bumper case also comes in handy by providing additional grip. It’s available in three awesome finishes options including Ebony Wood, Karbon, and Nylon.

Coming soon at OnePlus ($24.95 and up)

OnePlus Silicone Case

The official Silicone case is another neat protective option offered by OnePlus. Featuring a softshell and microfiber lining, the accessory is a perfect choice if you want to keep your phone safe, but also give it a unique look. The silicone case is available in bright Red and will certainly turn some heads.

Coming soon at OnePlus ($20.95)

Almiao Ultra-Thin Case

Since at launch the OnePlus 6T only comes in Midnight Black and Mirror Black, you might feel like wanting to add a splash of color to your device. A case can do that, like for example the one offered by Almiao. It’s super-thin and also crafted of durable material as to be able to provide excellent protection against stretches and scruffs. Get in bold colors like Rose Gold, Red or Pink.

Buy at Amazon ($11.99)

OnePlus 6T audio accessories

OnePlus Type-C bullets

The OnePlus 6T is the first smartphone in the company’s portfolio to come sans the 3.5mm headphone jack. Which is why you’ll need to use USB Type-C headphones with the new phone.

Obviously, the company will soon start offering its own earphones in the form of the Type-C Bullets which cost only $20. They come with advanced DAC support for superior audio and a subtle in-line remote controller for easy pausing or answering a phone call.

Buy at OnePlus ($19.95)

OnePlus Bullets Wireless

If you’re into something more modern, OnePlus also offers a wireless alternative in the form of the Bullets Wireless. They are available in a wrap-around neckbud style and can give you 5 hours of sound with just 10 minutes of charge. You can grab them in Black, but with the OnePlus 6T, the company also introduced a Red version.

Buy at OnePlus ($69)

Additional OnePlus 6T accessories

OnePlus Fast Car Charger

On the road for most of the day? Then you might also want to get the official USB-C compatible car charger to ensure your device never runs out of juice. This tiny device can juice up 60% of battery in just 30 minutes. Made of premium aluminum and reflective silicone and polycarbonate material, the charge is built to last.

Buy at OnePlus ($29.95)

Anker PowerCore external battery

While OnePlus doesn’t make its own external batteries, there’s no shortage of options by third-party manufacturers. For example, Anker has its 21,000mAh PowerCore backup product.

The OnePlus 6T comes with a larger battery (3,700mAh) than its predecessor, but if you want to make extra sure that your phone will live forever, you can invest in an external battery like the one sold by Anker.

The bank takes advantage of Anker’s own high-speed charging system with PowerIQ and will push out 2.4A per port. There are two of those, by the way, and you also get a micro USB cable when you buy the bank.

Buy at Amazon ($50)

AUKEY Power Bank

Don’t have the funds to get the Anker power bank? AUKEY offers a similar 20,100 mAh backup product which only costs $35. The power bank features two USB ports that can charge two devices with at the same time with the combined 2.4A output.

Buy at Amazon ($34.99)

Ailun Phone Ring Stand Holder

With the OnePlus 6T being such a large device, you might need a bit of extra help while handling it. Which is why you might benefit from something like Ailun Ring Holder.

The ring is crafted from high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steel and will help prevent your phone slipping away from you. The 180-degree folding design lets you touch the screen in any direction with one hand without a hassle. What’s more, the ring can also function as a stand for watching movies or video calls.

A bundle contains two rings. You can get the ring in multiple colors including Black or Rose Gold.

Buy at Amazon ($8.89)

OnePlus 6T tips:

So which do you think are the must-have accessories for your OnePlus 6T? You can let us know how you feel in the comment section below.