Honor 10 update: B182 available with February 2019 security patch

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March 06, 2019: A new EMUI update version is available for Honor 10 users in China for models COL-AL10 and COL-TL10, bringing along a new Android security patch fro February 2019 as well as the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The airborne update might take some time to reach not just all units in China, but also those using the global variant of the Honor 10.

January 15, 2019: If your Honor 10 has model number COL-AL10 or COL-TL10, a new software update is available for your device. The update has software version EMUI and once installed, you get the latest Android security patch, adds support for Bone ID, a feature that lets users of the Mate RS use their voice to unlock the device as well as make payments, adds voice commands to FlyPods Pro headsets, and fixes screen playback issues where it would occasionally turn black during multitasking.

In the new update, you also find AI-based features like AI Smart Scheduling for a superior gaming experience as well as plenty of other bug fixes and performance optimizations.

The update is airborne, which means it will take several days before every Honor 10 unit gets the download notification. This calls for patience, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you may want to try nagging the system update section in the settings menu and you might just get lucky.

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Huawei Honor 10 was unveiled at an event in May 2018, marking its global availability and thus a spot on our software update pages. The phone is essentially an affordable Huawei P20 and through software updates, Honor aims to make it even better.

On this page, you will find all that you need to know about the Honor 10 software updates and news regarding the same.


Honor 10 update timeline

Date Software version Changelog
06 Mar 2019 | Android 9.0 February 2019 security update
15 Jan 2019 | Android 9.0 January 2019 security patch, Adds Bone ID feature for unlocking the device, making payments, as well as controlling FlyPods Pro headsets using voice commands, fixes screen playback issues where it would occasionally turn black during multitasking, and installs AI-based features like AI Smart Scheduling for a superior gaming experience
11 Jan 2019 | Android 9.0 Installs stable EMUI (C675E3R1P9) based on Android 9 Pie in India
18 Dec 2018 | Android 9.0 December 2018 security patch (China)
11 Dec 2018 | Android 8.1 November 2018 security patch
05 Dec 2018 | Android 8.1 November 2018 security patch, gestures for navigation, and more ( (C675))
28 Nov 2018 | Android 9.0 Bug fixes and improvements
10 Nov 2018 | Android 9.0 Installs EMUI 9.0 based on Android 9.0 Pie for internal testing
25 Oct 2018 | Android 8.1 October 2018 security patch, navigation gestures, and more
13 Sep 2018 | Android 8.1 September 2018 security patch, fixes an issue where a Wi-Fi scanning prompt repeatedly popped up in certain scenarios and an issue with call recording
04 June 2018 | Android 8.1 May 2018 patch, Party Mode, Improved AI Camera functionality, and more

Honor 10 Android Pie update

  • Stable update available globally, including India

Honor India recently opened the Pie beta program for the Honor 10 to all users, weeks after the update arrived in other regions. The stable version first arrived in China in early November and over a month later, beginning December 18, the update made its way to the global market.

In India, the stable update started rolling out on January 11, 2019.

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GPU Turbo

Honor has started rolling out an EMUI 9 update that adds GPU Turbo 2.0 to the Honor 10 in China. The update also adds HiVision, a version of Google Lens that also goes the extra mile of telling the calorie content in your food, as well as the Digital Balance app, which is a version of Digital Wellbeing that launched with the Google Pixel 3 and has since been rolled out to the Nokia 7 Plus.

According to the company, the new version of GPU Turbo 2.0 comes with optimizations for 8 new games, including King of Glory, and further improves system response by more than 25%.

Huawei EMUI 9 GPU Turbo 2.0

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  1. How about improvement in battery life?..I got a very bad life and i have to replace a another one and I am waiting for the replacement one
    Also why battery has got a mixed review…
    other thaan battery i feel camera has beautifying the scene..I feel like defective ..that’s y i replaced it….but no go for anothe phone because iIlove honor 10 to the core….those look and feel in the hands…those excellent ips LCDs…those brilliant colours…
    I am very eagerly waiting for the new one…iIhope all those problems get fixed in this replacement phone.
    Also I would like to mention that i got just one update upto COL AL 145(C642)..before replacing it…
    Will those problems might be fixed at the next subsequent updates like Pie and emui 9,gpu turbo 2.
    I am living in south India ….
    When will i get a update

  2. If I check the update, will it be available?

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