How To Share on Windows 11: Share Files, Folder, Links, Drive, Photos and Videos Easily!

Although it’s been less than a fortnight since the release of the Windows 11 Dev build, its widespread adoption via the Windows Insider Program and ISO leaks has catapulted Microsoft back to the spotlight. 

There’s much that has remained the same, just as there’s much that’s changed. Sharing files and folders, for instance, is one department where Windows provides options galore to facilitate easy sharing and productivity between devices or over a network.

Here are all the ways that you can share a file or a folder on Windows 11. 

How to share files via Windows Explorer

On Windows 11, users can share files via Windows Explorer itself. The ability to do so makes it much more convenient than it was before, and here are the three options that Windows provides to simplify sharing files with others and your linked devices. 

To share via Windows Explorer, click on the file that you want to share and select Share on the toolbar above. 

Alternatively, you can right-click on the file and select the Share option.

Now, you will have three options to choose from. Here they are:

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How to share using Nearby sharing

The first option is to share your files via ‘Nearby Sharing’.

Here, you can select the drop-down menu to choose from ‘My Devices’ or ‘Everyone nearby’. Doing so will also turn on Nearby Sharing. 

You will see the devices that have their Bluetooth and nearby sharing turned on. Select the device you want to share with and that’s it.

The receiver will get a notification on their device of the incoming file. Click on Save & open or Save.

How to share by Email

Using the ‘Email a contact‘ option, you can also simply email the file to a contact. To do so, from the share options, select the recipient under ‘Email a contact’. To find more contacts, click on Find more people.

Then choose your contact.

Now click on Send.

The file will be shared with them via email. If this is your first time using this option, you will be required to link an account with the ‘Peoples’ app to import contacts. To do so, click on Import contacts.

Choose your account and log in.

Once your contacts are uploaded, select the one that you want to share your file with. 

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How to share using an app

Using the ‘Share with app‘ option, The last option that you get is to share the files with an app. You can choose to share with the apps that are provided depending on the type of file that you are sharing. 

Or you can click on Find more apps and download an app from Microsoft Store to share it with. 

Sharing via this option will allow you to open the file with an app easily so you don’t have to load the app and open the file in it, saving you a few extra clicks and time. 

How to share photos and videos using Photos app

The same three Windows Explorer sharing options mentioned above are also found on some other native apps. For instance, the Photos app, which is the default app to open pictures and GIFs on Windows, will also let you share them with others. 

To share pictures and images, open the file in the Photos app. Then click on Share at the top. 

Now, you will get the same three options as mentioned above, which are – Nearby sharing, email a contact, or share with app.

The method to share via these three options is exactly the same as shown before.

How to share links from Microsoft Edge

Just as you get the three aforementioned sharing options on the Photos app, you can also share links the same way via Microsoft Edge – Windows default browser.

To do so, open Microsoft Edge and go to the link that you want to share. Now click on the three dots at the top right corner. 

Then click on Share.

The same three options of Nearby Sharing, email a contact, and share with app will appear.

Follow the steps as they’re mentioned above to share your links via these three options.

How to share a folder on a network

If you’re connected to other systems on the same network, you can share a folder easily with them. Here’s how you can do so:

Right-click the folder that you want to share and select Properties.

Click on the ‘Sharing’ tab to switch to it, and click on Share.

Now click on the drop-down menu.

Select Everyone.

Then click on Add.

Now click Share.

Then press Done.

Your folder is now shared. But the recipient may not have all the permissions to the folder and the files within it. To change that, click on Advanced Sharing.

Check the Share this folder option.

Now click on Permissions.

Change the permissions as you see fit and then click on OK on all open windows.

This folder will now be accessible to all those who are on the shared network. 

How to share a drive on a network

Similarly, you can also share your complete drive on a Network. This is an important option when working in teams as it gives one access to their peers’ hard drive in full. Here’s how you can share your drive on a Network:

Open File Explorer and right-click on the drive that you want to share. Select Properties.

Click on the ‘Sharing’ tab.

Then click on Advanced sharing.

You will find that the options are the same as before. Check the Share this folder option.

Then click on Permissions.

Change permissions as you wish and click OK.

And just like that, your complete drive is now shared with those who’re on the same network. 

These are some of the native ways of sharing files, folders, and drives on Windows 11.



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  3. Can you permanently change the list of app in “Share with an app”?

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