How to make a Google Duo call to Google Home speaker

Update 7th July 2020: As of today, the latest version of Google Duo on the App Store and the Play Store supports up to 32 people in a single video call allowing you to connect with a higher number of people than before, simultaneously.

Just a few days after Google Duo was announced for the web, several Google Home speaker users are receiving the update to make calls to the Google Home speaker via Google Duo.

Of course, you can only make voice calls to your Google Home speaker synced to your Google Account although your friends and family can ring up on your Google Home speaker too. Nonetheless, this would be a tremendously useful feature for some users.

The update that enables the feature is slowly rolling out to Google Home users and making Google Duo calls to the Google Home speaker is pretty straightforward. So, in case it doesn’t work right now, wait for the update to reach your device.

If you’re a Google Home speaker user and are looking forward to using the cool new feature, then here’s how to do so.

How to make a call to Google Home Speaker on Google Duo

Once the feature is enabled for your Google Home speaker, the entire process is just a voice command away.

  • As we’ve mentioned above, you would be able to make audio calls only to the Google Home speaker.
  • You could use the Google Assistant on your smartphone to make a Google Duo call to your Google Home Speaker:
    1. Bring up Google Assistant on your device.
    2. The command to initiate the call would be as follows: Duo Google call <speaker name>.

It’s just as easy as that. Your smartphone would begin ringing your Google Home speaker.

Note: In case you don’t find any success with this, it’s maybe because the update that enabled this feature hasn’t reached you. So, wait for a few days to get the update and then try again later.

How to accept and reject calls on Google Home speaker

Here’s how to answer or reject the Google Duo call on your Google Home speaker:

  • To answer the call, all you need to do is tap the device once.
  • To reject the call, you would have to simply tap and hold for a moment.

That’s it. You’d be able to make Google Duo audio calls to your Google Home speaker within no time.


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