Using Google Duo on Desktops just got a lot easier

Google Duo is now available on the web. This has been an ongoing development for over a month now, but it’s finally here. Users of Duo can now enjoy video calls on Chrome, Firefox, and other supported web browsers.

The process of getting Duo on the web is as easy as always with Google products. Furthermore, you don’t need to own a G-Suite account to enjoy this new feature.

To get in, simply head over to and you should see a fairly simple UI with recent contacts at the top and all contacts based on what you have in Google Contacts listed below. You don’t have to worry about missing calls or notification for that matter because Duo for web does handle these pretty well.

Google Duo for web

Some users are having some issues connecting to Duo on the web. Perhaps this is because the search giant has yet to make it official or maybe it’s just because the product is still new. We hope to get more details on availability soon.

Google Duo is the app that came to replace Hangouts on Android devices, but since its launch, it has failed to recapture the same market that Hangouts commanded in the mobile phone space. It’s perhaps the reason Google is giving it a web version.


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