How to Fix iOS 15 Swipe-right Notifications Issue


The stable build of iOS 15 was released to the public on the 20th of September 2021. Users carrying iPhone 6s or iPhone SE 1st generation or above are allowed to download the latest version of iOS, which is now more feature-packed than ever. However, like always, this new version of iOS has also introduced some unwarranted changes, including notification behavior on the lock screen. Today we will tell you what the ‘iOS 15 swipe right notifications’ issue is and tell you how you could get around it. 

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What is ‘iOS 15 swipe-right notifications’ issue?

Up until the latest build of iOS 14, users were allowed to swipe right on their lock screen notifications to open the linked application. It allowed users to get into the app right away, with one clean right swipe. iOS 15 has changed this behavior and is opening the widgets screen instead.

Apple has not clarified whether this ‘Swipe right to open widgets’ thing is intentional or just a bug. If we hear anything concrete, we will be sure to add it to our article here. 

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How to fix the iOS 15 swipe-right issue with notifications

Truth be told, there is no way to bring the old notification behavior back on iOS 15. Notification management has always been a little problematic on iOS 15, and this is just another example of it. That said, you can use two methods to interact with notifications on your lock screen. 

Method #01: Tap to open a notification

This is basically the replacement of the old right-swipe technique. Instead of just swiping right to open a notification, iOS 15 allows you to get to the app using a single tap. It is not as fluid as the swipe-right technique but it does get the job done.

Method #02: Hold for preview

If you do not want to open the application but still want to read its notification on your lock screen, you can simply press and hold that notification for a quick preview.

You will need to verify your credentials through Face ID, Touch ID, pin, or password. But once you do it, even grouped notifications would be unlocked.

Method #03: Disable Face ID to get swipe-right back

Apple’s recent clarification of the missing swipe-right feature now seems to make much more sense. You will get access to your notifications or widgets depending on the pending notifications currently available in your notification summary. However, disabling Face ID will allow you to revert the changes and restore the original swipe-right behavior. You will then be able to access the desired app from your device by swiping right on the lock screen. Follow the guide below to disable Face ID on your device. 

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap ‘Face ID & Passcode’.
  • Enter your passcode to verify your identity. 
  • Turn off the toggle for ‘iPhone Unlock’ under ‘USE FACE ID FOR:’. 

Once disabled, lock your device and swipe right on your home screen and you should now be able to access the desired app from your lock screen. 


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  1. If you turn off Face ID, the swipe right feature returns. Also, Apple Support has confirmed this is “expected behavior” of iOS 15.

  2. TechnikDieBegeistert

    The most significant problem of the new behaviour is not that instead of swiping you have to tab. That alone wouldn’t be a big deal. The real problem is, that when you have multiple notifications, for example three messages from the some person, you could either tab to expand that group to see previews auf all messages or swipe to enter the app instantly. Now you have to tab twice either you like it or not; once to expand and the second one to get into the app. That’s annoying.

  3. Swipe diagonally from lower left to upper right on the locked screen. Found it by accident and why it seems to work part time when someone swipes right (or somewhat diagonally)

  4. Swipe diagonally from lower left to upper right on the locked screen. Found it by accident and why it seems to work part time when someone swipes right (or somewhat diagonally)

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