Halo Infinite Achievements Not Unlocking? What to Do as There is No Fix

Halo Infinite was just released and everything seems to be going well for the game so far. There are a few concerns about the seemingly vast empty terrain of Zeta Halo or Installation 07, but it just seems a setup for future DLC releases.

If however, you have been playing the multiplayer version, then things are quite different. A new bug has been making it even harder to progress in the game and here’s all you need to know about it. 

What is the achievements bug in Halo Infinite?

The new Achievements bugs seem to be affecting players at random where despite completing the given tasks, they won’t register in the BP progression for the Weekly Achievement Task. This can be quite infuriating if you have exhausted most of your challenges and are now facing the most tedious ones with no Challenge swaps left to spare. Here’s how you can fix it.  

How to fix the Achievements not unlocking issue in Halo Infinite

Wait. Yes, simply wait for it. That’s about it. A recent tweet from 343i addresses this exact issue and states that if you have completed the requirements then the achievements will eventually reflect in your account’s Battle Pass progression. You can view the entire tweet below. 

A subsequent tweet from the team reflected that the troubleshooting is currently going on and fixes should happen soon. 

How long till the achievements reflect in my account?

There is no word on this but the wait time seems to be anywhere between 4 to 24 hours according to recent user reports. We recommend you wait the required time for your achievements to show up, in case they don’t, you can then get in touch with Halo Support using this link

How can I track my achievements?

Unfortunately, per-match achievements seem to be temporary for now and there is no way to track them unless you have been recording your gameplay for the past few days. You can however track virtually every other stat using Halotracker.com. We recommend going through their privacy policy in case you have any concerns. 

We hope this post helped you learn more about the new Achievements bug in Halo Infinite. If you face any issues or have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.


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  1. Hello, while I do appreciate the information given in this article. The issue is not with the weekly challenges, but with the game achievements, such as bearing the campaign or unlocking an ability in the campaign.

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