How to Stop PIN Reminders on Signal and Why Do You Get Them

If you have been following Whatsapp’s new update to its Terms of use lately then you might have realized that most people are moving from Whatsapp in favor of more privacy-focused instant messengers. Signal is one alternative that has become hugely popular thanks to its privacy-first business model. Additionally, Edward Snowden and Elon Musk promoting and using the app every day also seems to have lent a hand to its recent growth in popularity.

Signal allows you to use your screen lock to secure the local installation of app on your device. You are also required to have a security PIN which you will need to enter every time you access your Signal account on a new device. But if you are a Signal user then you might have noticed the app frequently requesting your two-factor pin? Is this a glitch? are you being hacked? Let’s find out!

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Why does Signal keep asking for your PIN

Most services with a two-factor authentication system, tend to provide you with a fail-safe in case you are unable to verify your identity in the future. This helps you still access your data in case you lose your device, lose access to your phone number or email ID. However, this makes the two-factor authentication process less secure and there are chances that your secure connection might be intercepted by prying eyes.

To avoid this lapse in security, Signal does not have a failsafe in place. This means that if you forget your PIN, you won’t be able to access your account in the future. And thus, to help you remember your PIN and to keep it refreshed in your memory, Signal will request for your PIN frequently. This also helps the app verify your identity over the course of its use. Your Signal PIN is used to encrypt your data and hence it is a mandatory requirement for every user. 

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Will Signal keep asking for PIN frequently?

Signal will ask for your PIN frequently on a new device. As you keep using Signal and your usage increases, this frequency will be lowered, and eventually, you will be required to verify your PIN only once a few months. 

Can you turn off this feature?

Yes! You can easily turn off this feature from your Settings. Disabling PIN reminders will prevent Signal from asking your PIN, again and again, however, you will still need to enter your PIN whenever you sign in to your Signal account. 

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How to turn off PIN reminders

On Android

Open the Signal app and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of your screen. 

Now tap and select ‘Privacy’. 

Scroll down to the ‘Signal PIN’ section and turn off the toggle for ‘PIN reminders’

Now enter your Signal PIN to verify your changes. 

Tap on ‘Turn Off’ once you are done. 

PIN Reminders should now be disabled on your Android device. 

On iOS

Open Signal and tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of your screen. 

Tap and select ‘Privacy’ next. 

Now turn off the toggle for ‘PIN reminders’. 

You will now be asked to verify your identity. Enter your Signal PIN in the designated section. 

Tap on ‘Turn Off Reminders’ once you are done. 

And that’s it! PIN reminders should now be disabled on your iOS device and you won’t have to enter your PIN again. 

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Should you disable PIN reminders?

Well, it depends on how good your memory is. If you are using a number/code that you are sure to remember then disabling the PIN can help reduce the frustration of entering it again and again. However, if you are using a complex code that you might forget over time then we recommend keeping this setting turned on. Signal will reduce the frequency of PIN reminders over time and they should stop being a hindrance to your experience. 

Additionally,  if you have important calls, chats, and data in Signal then we recommend keeping PIN reminders turned on even if you trust your memory. This will ensure that you never lose your vitally important data and communication even if you lose track of your device or number in the near future. 

I hope you were able to familiarize yourself with PIN reminders in Signal using the guide above. If you have any more questions for us, feel free to reach out using the comments section below.  


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  1. I have one comment to add. Password Managers.

    Why bother to create and memorise a truly random hard pin if you don’t have to. Yes … if you use a password manager then pin reminders are truly annoying and need to be turned off.

  2. It’s 2021-Oct-30. I have Android 9 and Signal version 5.24.17.

    The whole PIN section demonstrated above (Change Your PIN, PIN Reminders, etc) appears absent from my Privacy menu.

    What now?

  3. On my Android device the section for changing the PIN is not under Privacy. It is under “Account”

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