Does Signal Have a Web Client?

After the controversial change of WhatsApp’s privacy policy, almost everyone is looking for a secure, less-greedy alternative. There are quite a few alternatives on the market, of course, but Signal has managed to leapfrog them all to become the frontrunner. A sustainable, peer-reviewed, secure messaging tool that privacy seriously — there’s a lot to like about Signal.

Today, we’ll take a closer look at its feature set and tell you whether the service comes with a web client just like WhatsApp. 

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Can you access Signal from your browser? 

Sadly, no. Signal hasn’t yet looked very thoroughly into developing a web client for faster access through PC browsers. So, if you’re way too attached to the system for some reason, you’ll need to stay with WhatsApp until Signal comes up with a similar system. 

How to access Signal

Web client aside, Signal gives you all the popular clients to play around with. You can obviously get the app for Android and iOS, but the fun doesn’t stop right there. The desktop client is also available and for Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Check out the links below to download Signal on your device.


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  1. YES YES YES we NEEEEED a (or even better) . Once they have that it will be perfect.

  2. Under “How to access Signal”, the phrase “…and even Linux.” doesn’t sound quite right. Is something wrong with Linux? In my opinion it’s by far the best desktop OS. “…and even Linux.” is a clear understatement. Sorry, just felt bad for Torvalds.

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