Google Music gets new feature ‘Explore similar artists’

Google Music was shown to be getting a music discovery tool called Music Explorer in Android 4.2, allowing users to explorer artists similar to the ones they search for and have on their collection, but Google has decided not to wait and and has enabled the service for everyone in the Google Play Store.

Now when you search for any artist on the Play Store, you will be able to find similar artists by hitting the “Explore similar artists” button. While this functionality was already available on the Play Store in some form, now users will be treated to a cool looking interface with similar artists shown in a tree structure, with the ability to preview and download tracks right there.

Google is relentlessly working on improving Google Play services across the board and expanding availability to more and more markets, with Google Music set to launch in a few European countries on November 13, and this seems just another step towards improving the user experience. I’m sure many more changes are coming soon.