Europe getting Google Music on November 13!

The announcement of the new Nexus devices isn’t the only exciting thing happening today, at least for Android users in the UK, France, Germany and Italy, as Google has also announced that Google Music will be available in the aforementioned European countries from November 13, with support for more countries to be added soon.

Users will be able to purchase music from the Google Play Store, and also upload up to 20,000 songs to the cloud for streaming to their Android devices or browsers. A new matching feature, initially exclusive to Europe and later coming to the US as well, will scan a user’s music collection and automatically add any matching song in the Google Play catalog to the user’s online library, saving both time and bandwidth.

All of this will be completely free – storage of music, song matching, syncing across various devices, as well as listening to the music (is that really a surprise). Google is finally looking to expand Google Play services beyond the US, and this is surely a great first step towards that aim.

So, three exciting new Nexus devices, and now Google Music coming to Europe very soon. Excited?