Google Babble rumored: unification of Google Talk, Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, etc. and probably some other stuff planned!

The unification of all the communication services run by Google – such as Talk, Google+ Messenger, or Google Voice – has been long rumored to be on its way to become reality, and now is reporting that Google may use the name “Babble” for this universal communication service.

Right now, Google has separate apps/services for almost every thing. Want to chat with one of your Google contacts? Open Google Talk (or Google+ on the browser). Want to join in on a video hangout or group conversation on Google+? Open the dedicated app for Google+. While these apps – whether online or on your smartphone – do the job, it isn’t a very convenient way of doing things, specially in the face of other popular messaging services like Apple’s iMessage or BlackBerry’s (formerly Research in Motion) BlackBerry Messenger, which integrate different kinds of communication services into a single hub.

With Google Babble, users will apparently be able to chat with any of their Google contacts via text, video or voice calls, and also be able to share media (something which Talk is often criticized for not supporting) right from the Babble hub. It will basically be a merging of all the different Google services into a single platform, allowing users to use any and every feature from a single place.

There’s never been an official confirmation of a unified platform for Google’s communication services, but it is expected to be showcased at Google I/O this year, with an app for both Android and Chrome OS. We’ll have to wait and see just how Google goes about bringing everything together, but first let’s just hope Google is actually working on it.

Via: Phandroid