Google Now


How to get Google Now feed on OnePlus 7 Pro (swipe right on home screen)

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New Google Search app from Android M brings back “Ok Google from any screeen” option to Galaxy S6, but still doesn’t works

More applications on the cards as Google’s integration drive continues

google now card

New Google Now Card Notifies You When the Product You Searched is on Sale

Your phone might support “Ok Google” with the screen off, check the list of supported devices here

hangouts voice messages

New Google Now Feature Supports Sending Hangout Messages Using Your Voice

Google Now and Google Search now shows your recent Gmail messages when you search “my inbox”

Languages Supported by Moto 360, LG G Watch and other Android Wear Watches for Voice Operation

Google Now brings the drop in Flight charges right on your device with the new Flight Price Monitor Card

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Google Now adds Inferred events for improved integration of Gmail and Calendar