More applications on the cards as Google’s integration drive continues

Google Now is a pretty useful feature to have around. With the cards, you can have various bits and pieces of useful information at you fingertips, when you need it and where you need it — not to mention the voice commands. However, the cards until now, were severely limited by the fact that they did no support third-party apps, meaning that you got to see content and services brought only via Google — which in this case, weren’t all that extensive.

However, something which perhaps made Google realize the enormous potential that it was keeping locked up lead the software giant to announce third-party app integration back in January when 40 android applications were integrated into the Google Now cards.

Well, Google has decided to improve things even further when it brought 70 other applications into the fold, including those like Circa news, Wunderlist and Komoot. What this implies is that you will now be able to do quite a bit more via the Now cards, such as  get all the latest news from various news channels available, pay the bills while eating out via OpenTable and keep your fitness schedule on track with the likes of Runkeeper, Jawbone, or Adidas.


We are sure that the recent additions by Google will go a long way towards improving the overall Android experience and making it much more efficient and fun. Do tell us how you find Google’s latest attempt and which other apps should be on the cards next in your opinion. For now, you can find out more about the applications added by clicking this link and download the latest update of Google Now right here.

Stay tuned!

Source: Google Integrations

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