Google Assistant beta testing begins in South Korea

At the Google Developer Conference 2017, Google’s Vice President Scott Huffman had announced that Google Assistant would be available in Korean, Italian and Spanish language by the end of this year.

Keeping its promise looks like Google will, in fact, release the Korean version of Google Assistant by this year. Now, why do we say that? Well, because, according to the tech industry sources in Korea, Google has launched its beta test for the Korean language for Google Assistant on Thursday.

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Google is trying to pull local guides for Beta testing and asking them to share reviews, photos, and their knowledge on places for Google Map Service.

Once Google Assistant debuts in Korean language, it will compete with international and local rivals such as Samsung, Kakao, Naver, KT and SK Telecom.

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While Samsung’s famous Bixby AI will compete with Google Assistant in South Korea, Bixby Voice is yet to get full English support and works only in the Korean Language. However, considering the big amount of data that Google has, Google Assistant will surely surpass Bixby.

Apart from Samsung, Kakao Corporation is also working on a speaker powered its own AI that will be released soon in South Korea. Besides that, the local telecom carrier, SK Telecom is also improving its speaker.

Source: Korea Herald