Kakao mini AI speaker revealed by Kakao in South Korea

Looks like there is another entry in the market of AI-powered speakers. The new AI speaker known as Kakao Mini comes from Kakao Corporation, developer of one of the famous messenger app KakaoTalk.

Kakao has not disclosed the actual product or its size instead they have just revealed the photo of Kakao Mini on its website. Looking at the photo, the Kakao Mini is a square-shaped speaker with fiber material.

The Kakao Mini will use its own AI voice interface, which will be developed by Kakao. It will work easily with voice and dialogue. Further, Kakao plans to expand the AI speaker to cars and offices besides the obvious home presence.

In subtle words, Kakao Mini is a speaker like Amazon Echo and Google Home but powered by its own AI.

Although the price is currently unknown, Kakao Corporation has told they will sell it at a lower price as compared to other AI speakers. Also, the size will be small as compared to other AI speakers.

Source: Kakao | Via: MK

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