Google and Huawei in Talks for Motorola’s Phone Unit?

If you loved Motorola and were secretly hoping for a big revival if the company from Google, there is some news that may very well disappoint you – WSJ is reporting that there are some talks taking place in the Asia, suggesting that Google has already offered the phone making arm of the Motorola to Huawei, and that latter is actually interested in the deal.

Huawei – even though it’s gaining good ground in Asia — may not sound a very exciting to people in US who love Motorola phones. For hard-core android phones too, it’s not easy to digest the fact that maker of Droid – which gave android OS a big and timely boost – is being sold by the android maker Google.

Well, this one further highlights Google’s intention of buying Motorola – which is, to save the Android OS and its OEM partners from Apple and others using the Moto’s strong patent base. Google had already replaced Motorola’s former CEO Sanjay Jha – who is the man responsible for turning around Motorola with Droid devices – with Google’s own employee. And now we can see why.

While I would still secretly hope that Google enters the hardware business via Motorola, we will know more about this in coming days, or weeks, for sure. What do you say?

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  1. this sounds good, but for ppl like me ,i just need a good device thats it name or no name. lol

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