Fortnite Season 5 Weapon Upgrade: Station Locations and How to Upgrade Guide

From an entirely revamped quest mechanism and new currency system to verbal interaction with cool NPCs throughout the game, Chapter 2 – Season 5 of Fortnite has been panning out to be one great trip that we don’t want to end. Of course, a very essential and important aspect of the game is its weapons upgrade system which has also changed quite drastically in Season 5.

Unfortunately, if you are hoping to find the trusty old upgrade benches from previous seasons to take your weapon to epic levels you won’t be able to find them in the game. The benches have been vaulted this season.

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How are weapons upgraded in Fortnite Season 5?

NPCs will play a very important role in helping you upgrade your weapons. Contrary to our first impressions, their role is much beyond just adding cosmetic value to the game. Characters have been placed in certain locations on the map to upgrade your weapons for a certain cost in Gold Bars.

We cannot be certain till we find and Epic Games itself releases each and every NPC into the game. However, we can be sure that the only way to upgrade is to find an eligible NPC and interact with them.

So while the location of the NPC is not an upgrade station per se, it can be considered one since your weapons can be upgraded here.

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Fortnite Season 5 upgrade locations

Here’s the location of every character who will offer you a weapon upgrade.

Fishstick- Craggy Cliffs (Map: North)

Reach the Diner which is a part of the structure in Craggy Cliffs. Inside the Diner, you need to look for Fishstick.

The Reaper- Boost Pad- Near Sweaty Sands (Map: West)

You will be able to sight a really fancy isolated beach house on the coastline. Enter the house and look for Reaper. You will most likely find him walking about the house. Keep in mind that The Reaper is the only character who offers upgrades in the west.

Kit- Catty Corner (Map: South-East)

Go to the compound in Catty Corner and look for Kit. You will most likely find it near the trailer.

Reese- Dirty Docks (Map: East)

Make your way to the last warehouse building that is just near the coastline. Once inside, make your way to the first floor with many office cubicles. Here you will meet Reese who will allow you the option to upgrade your weapons.

Brutus-Dirty Docks (Map: East)

You will find Brutus inside the building towards the south end of Dirty Docks.

Kondor- Misty Meadows (Map: South)

Kondor will be present on the streets of the small town in Misty Meadows.

Sparkplug- Gas Station (Map: South West)

Sparkplug will be walking around the Gas Station at the intersection road, on the north side of Slurpy Swamp.

Beef Boss- Durr Burger (Map: West)

Durr Burger place is immediately west of the Weeping Woods. You need to look for Beef Boss in the Durr Burger place to upgrade your weapon.

Tomato Head- The Pizza Pit (Map: North-East)

Tomato Head is a jolly character whom you will find inside the dilapidated Pizza place.

Fishstick- Coral Castle (Map: North-west)

Another Fishstick is present right in the center of Coral Castle as well. Go to the place marker on the map and you will be able to find it.

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How to upgrade weapons in Fortnite Season 5?

As mentioned before, you need to visit an NPC character who will be able to upgrade your weapons. Another aspect you need to consider is whether you have enough Gold Bars to pay for the upgrades you need. If you don’t have enough Bars, then you can perform quests for the NPCs and make quite a substantial amount of it.

To interact with the NPC, press ‘E’ key on the PC, the X button on the Xbox controller, and the Square button on the Playstation controller.

Once the interaction begins, go to the slot with an upward arrow and equip it with a weapon if you don’t have one on you already. If you already have a weapon, then the slot will directly show you the upgrade options for it.

How much do weapon upgrades cost?

Like it was in the previous seasons, the cost of upgrading weapons is dependent on how rare it is. However, in terms of the material cost, it’s still the same.

So an upgrade to uncommon will cost you 50 Gold Bars, an upgrade to Rare will cost you 150 Gold Bars, Epic will go to 250 Gold Bars and finally, the highest level i.e legendary will go all the way to 350 Gold Bars.

You need to make sure that you have enough Bars to perform your weapons upgrade on the level you want.

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Interacting with characters for various reasons gives this Battle Royale game a nice touch of RPG! How do you feel about this new latest weapons upgrade mechanism? Do let us know in the comments.


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