Finding Free and Premium apps on Google Play Store could become a lot easier soon

play store search

Google may be working on further improving the search and filtering in the Play Store app. As per a new report, the Play Store could make it easier for you to look for apps based on whether they are free or paid.

In the report, the screenshots reveal new filters/suggestions for searches that include the terms ‘free’ and ‘premium’, among others. The filter system, appearing in green boxes under the search bar, has been available for almost a year now, for most users. However, Google has been improving the same behind the scenes.

For example, searching for an MP3 player now includes suggestions for free or premium. This means you can search only for a free app or a paid one. Previously, when searching for an app, suggestions were available only to improve the search.

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This new feature isn’t widely available yet, so you may not see it on your Play Store. Perhaps Google will release an update to the Play Store update to enable this, or it could even be a server side inclusion. The search giant is always working on improving the Play Store app.

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