Google updates Play Store app to version 8.5.37 [APK Download]

The Google Play Store app is receiving an update with version 8.5.37. The last update Play Store received was with version 8.4.40, so today’s update comes as a huge jump in version number for the app. However, like always, there isn’t much to see what’s changed inside the app with the naked eye.

We’ll be diving deep into the new Play Store APK’s code to see what’s changed from the previous version, and if we find anything interesting, we’ll be sure to do a post about it. Until then, if you would like to get the latest Play Store update installed on your Android phone, just grab the APK file from the download link below and sideload it to your device.

Download Play Store APK (version 8.5.37)

For help installing APK file on your Android device, follow our step-by-step guide over here.

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