Android 4.2 logs activity increases. Fun-fact: though, even Android 5.0 and 6.0 visible already!

Amidst all the action in the rumour mills around the next iteration of the Android OS, Android 4.2, and the subsequent but sudden revelation that they were just that – rumours, one would have thought that references would subside and the rumours would quietly die down. However, that is not to be.

Various server logs and benchmark reports have been popping up all over the place which have clear references to devices running the Android 4.2 version. While it is rumoured that Android 4.2 is code-named Key Lime Pie (which would sequentially be next after Jelly Bean), experts believe that the 4.2 revision is likely to retain the code name Jelly Bean.

Our ever-alert buddies over at Engadget also decided to go deeper into their own server logs, and have confirmed that they are seeing quite a few entries of devices running the mysterious Android 4.2 system visiting their website. What is even more interesting, and perhaps even amusing, is that they have also come across devices allegedly running Android 5.0 and even Android 6.0!! Obviously, the authenticity of these particular entries ( Android 5.0 and 6.0) is suspect, and needs to be taken with a punch of salt.

However, one key thing that stands out in Engadget’ s observation is a high number of hits from Galaxy Nexus devices with Build JOO90B, running Android 4.2, including the previously referenced Occam from Motorola, which is purportedly a Motorola Nexus. They have also seen the odd entry with the Xperia Arc S running 4.2, but further investigation revealed a likely 4.1 beta which was possibly being tested by Sony. And all of these definitely seem like the real deal. Read on to know why.

Given the change Google has introduced in its Nexus Certification Program, allowing any manufacturer to build a Nexus device provided strict hardware and software guidelines are adhered to, it appears that we may well have a variety of Nexus devices to choose from very soon.

We already know LG is working on a Nexus which should show us its face soon. Moto, Samsung, Sony anyone?? Pheww, it’s going to be a tough decision for my next phone, and I guess it would be wise to wait a bit before jumping the gun and grabbing the first Nexus that comes out.

If you were to buy a Nexus phone and had a choice between LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC and Sony, which one would you opt for? And why? Let us know which one you’d choose.

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  1. Definitely a Sony. I’m using an Xperia Arc S right now, most beautiful phone I’ve had in my hand for ages! Would love to see them make a Nexus…

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