Android 4.2 running Motorola Nexus phone, Occam, found in AnTuTu benchmarks

Occam and Manta AnTuTu Benchmarks

In a matter of hours after we got the news of two possible Nexus devices running Android 4.2 from Motorola namely Occam and Manta, we’ve now received reports of the two new devices being spotted in AnTuTu benchmarks database.

The benchmarks results pretty much confirms that both the devices exists. And most importantly it confirms that at-least one of the device, Occam, is running on Android 4.2 already. And the Manta seems to be running on a custom Motorola Jelly Bean build with ‘Android JellyBeanM’ as its build.

The benchmarks also reveals the processors running on the two devices. The Occam is running on 1.5Ghz CPU and the Manta on 1.7Ghz CPU. Both could be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processors which Motorola is already using in the RAZR M and RAZR HD.

Check out the picture below for detailed benchmark result of Occam:

Occam Benchmarks

We all know and have seen that new Android releases comes with a new Nexus device only, at-least that’s what happened in the last three releases of Android. So with Motorola working on a device running Android 4.2 and LG bringing a Nexus phone based on its recently released Optimus G phone, it’s all coming together in support for the rumored Nexus program in which any manufacturer can make a Nexus device upon meeting Nexus certified hardware and software requirements.

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