Android 4.2 devices exist, and linked to Motorola as Nexus Tablet and Nexus Phone

Rumors about upcoming Nexus device(s) and Android 4.2 seem to be reaching fever pitch, with a lot of rumors flying about, including rumors of the new features that Android 4.2 will bring along. And according to some server logs unearthed by Android Police, Google may be working on a new Nexus phone as well as tablet, both made by Motorola. Another confirmation of multiple Nexus devices from various manufacturers?

AP reports that they ran across two devices running Android 4.2 accessing their website, running different Jelly Bean builds like JOO92B and JOP04C. One of them is codenamed “occam”, which they speculate to be the Nexus phone, by speculating that “occam” could be a reference to Occam’s Razor which in turn could be a hint at a Motorola RAZR Nexus, as such unreleased builds wouldn’t be running on a non-Nexus device. The User Agent (UA) string of the device was set to “mobile”, a pointer towards the occam being a phone.

As for the other device codenamed “manta”, AP speculates that this could be connected to the Motorola XOOM tablets, which went by the codenames Stingray and Wingray, and that manta could stand for “manta ray”, a kind of fish. But Nexus devices have carried codenames related to fish names in the past, like tuna for the Galaxy Nexus, so it’s not much of a pointer towards the tablet being made by Motorola. The UA string for the “manta” wasn’t set to mobile, which AP says is an indication of it being a tablet.

At the end of the day, we have to accept that people are grasping at straws and trying to find meaning in the jumbled mess of rumors that are hitting the Android world. AP’s speculations are pretty far-fetched, but with talk of Nexus devices by multiple manufacturers as well as the Nexus certification program, we may well see a Nexus phone and tablet by Motorola. Or it could simply be LG’s Nexus carrying the occam codename.

What say you? Are you excited about all this or are you trying to stay away from all rumors until some concrete information comes out?