Among Us Map Layouts and Gameplay Tips. Are There Any New Maps?

Maps. Things that both cartographers and Among Us players love, and for very different reasons. Cartographers love to explore, seek adventure, and record the literal lay of the land. Among Us players love to deceive and slaughter one another, using the unique features of the game’s maps to their advantage.

Which begs the question:

How Many Maps Does Among Us Have?

Among Us - MIRA HQ Launch Trailer

Among Us currently features a total of three maps, the first of which is The Skeld — Among Us’ original map that was released with the game back in 2018 well before the recent surge in popularity.

Mira HQ, was released on August 08, 2019, and the most recent map, Polus, a couple months after that in November that year. And yes, that does mean that all three of the maps in Among Us were released well before the lockdown that saw the game rise to fame.

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Among Us Maps Layout and Tips

The Skeld

Among Us Map Layouts and Tips The Skeld Map

The OG Among Us map, The Skeld is still the most popular and right in the middle between Mira HQ and Polus in terms of size. It features the most visual tasks of any map, and therefore, currently, the easiest for spotting Imposters as long as they are switched on. This is because Imposters can’t actually perform any tasks, making it easy to spot someone trying to fake it — or prompting someone to prove their innocence.

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Among Us Map Layouts and Tips MIRA HQ Maap

MIRA HQ, the second map to be released in Among Us is the smallest of the three. It is the only map without security cameras but does have a door-logs mechanic that allows you to check who went where.

MIRA HQ is also the only of the three without any closed-circuit vents — all vents are accessible from one another. This means an Imposter can vent anywhere at any time. On top of that, the fact that MIRA HQ is also the map with the fewest visual tasks makes it possibly the more attractive of the three to Imposters.

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Among Us Map Layouts and Tips Polus MapUntil the new map beats it on both fronts, Polus is the newest and largest map in the game and the only one that takes place outside. One of the unique mechanics at work on Polus is the Vitals tool, which allows players to check the life status of all the players on the map. This allows players to identify player deaths before they’re reported and is useful to both players and Imposters (especially when working in groups).

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Are There New Maps in Among Us?

Among Us - Polus Map Trailer

There are no new maps beside the three that have been available since 2019, though there is rumored to be an upcoming map set to be larger than Polus — the newest and largest of the three Among Us maps.

Little else is known about this new map, including a release date, but is likely to be packaged alongside other substantial changes as part of the content developed for the scrapped Among Us 2 sequel.

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