16GB Nexus 7 nears end-of-life, 32GB model to replace it?

First there were multiple sightings of the 32GB model of the Nexus 7 in various listings, and then a customer in Japan apparently received a 32GB Nexus 7 from the Play Store by accident, all of which pretty much confirmed the existence of this higher capacity model. Now, according to a screenshot from a Phandroid insider, the 32GB Nexus 7 may come and replace the 16GB model, the latter of which is nearing its end-of-life and will be phased out.

This is quite a good piece of news, as the 32GB model will most probably be priced the same as the 16GB model since it is going to replace it instead of coming in as an option. Though it would have been nice if the 8GB model was being replaced by the 16GB model, as 8GB of storage just doesn’t cut it for a tablet of the Nexus 7’s caliber, and would be better suited for the $99 Nexus tablet Google is said to be working on.

But the 32GB variant of the Nexus 7 is surely coming, there is no denying that after so many facts have presented themselves. Expect a release just in time for the holidays. Nothing better than gifting a $250 Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage to a loved one, or even yourself, right?