$99 Google Nexus tablet to enter production in December. Jan-Feb Release Date looks probable!

ASUS might have denied rumors of a $99 Nexus tablet, but according to NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shym, the sub-$100 tablet might be in the works after all and could enter production in December, which would make a release in January or February of 2013 likely.

Of course, expecting the $99 Nexus to carry a quad-core processor might be wishful thinking, but we can at least expect it to sport a capable dual-core processor like the Snapdragon S4. But no matter what the underlying hardware might be, a price of $99 will perhaps make it the most affordable Android tablet at that price and spell more trouble for the iPad’s market share, which is already dwindling rapidly.

Then there is also the rumors of Google collaborating with Samsung to produce a 10.1″ Nexus tablet with a display having a pixel density of 299ppi, which if true could mean that Google is targeting every segment of the tablet market that exists, which can only be good for us consumers.

Stay tuned for more info on this. Either ASUS is telling the truth and there is no $99 Nexus tablet, or Google has chosen another manufacturer to do the job. Either way, we should know hear more in the coming weeks. Come on Google, let it all be true!

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  1. they should enter a newer market, perhaps a 13″ tablet, I think it could be a complete powerhouse with 4k screen and i7 processor, perfect for around the house not so much out and about

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