Xiaomi Mi6 to sport Snapdragon 835 processor [Specs]

A new report from China reveals that Xiaomi Mi6 could be the first local phone (in China, ofc) to be powered by the mighty Snapdragon 835 processor, while the same report has it on record that outside China, the first phone to house the SD835 chip would be Galaxy S8.

But the likes of HTC 11, LG G6, even the Find 9, and other phone are also in line to utilize the Qualcomm’s best, right? So does that mean that Galaxy S8 would be released before all other Snapdragon 835 candidates, and likewise, Mi6 is gonna release prior to other phones expected to be equipped with SD835?

Little else is know about Xiaomi Mi6 specs or release date, but we expect more details to come soon. Right now, though, Xiaomi is enjoying success of Mi Mix, while their Mi Mix Nano now stands cancelled, or maybe not.

Yesterday we found out that the Oppo Find 9 will be packing the Snapdragon 835 SoC. It looks like more Chinese OEMs are embracing Qualcomm now, against Mediatek which was kind-of Chinese-OEM-favorite. All three devices mentioned here are expected to be announced by March of 2017, with Feb 26 the launch date for Galaxy S8.

The Snapdragon 835 is expected to blow all competition out of the water and remain on the top spot. Except Mediatek’s X30 perhaps, and Huawei’s Kirin 960. Built on the 10nm manufacturing process, the chipset will showcase advances into faster and more energy efficient mobile computing.

Head over here to learn more about the Snapdragon 835 and which other phones may get this hardware upgrade. In case you want to dive deeper into SD835, check out the specifications of this monster chip.