There is no Mi Mix Nano, but what about Mi5/6 variant?

Rumors of a little brother to Mi Mix in Mi Mix Nano looks to have got a new twist. The Mi Mix, with a 91% screen to body ratio, is a pretty cool device but phablets aren’t for everyone, clearly. and it did out off many users because of its huge size in 6.4″ display.

Speculations were rife with leaked images we received earlier that Mi Mix Nano was about to be released by Xiaomi. But as it stands now, a Xioami official has denied of a Mi Mix Nano in the making.


Yup, that’s very surprising, and you are not alone if you dropped your jaw upon reading this. We too were fully expecting a smaller Mi Mix, and were happy about this whole thing, until now.

Maybe he’s just toying with us — there wouldn’t be a Mi Mix, but there could MI __ — fill your model ID. It could be a Mi5 variant, or a Mi6 in the making, as this will give boost to Mi series. And Mi Mix being a pretty unique experiment kind-of thing, it was given a separate brand name in Mix that is not necessary ti continue with, although ‘Mix’ has made quite a name in this short period of time.

Mi Mix Nano was expected to come with 5.5” sized display, with 4GB RAM coupled with powerful SD821 processor. However, it was expected to come with Marshmallow, while Xiaomi is still working on its Nougat build, the first of which may come as an update to the Mi5 which got the beta running recently.

But or now, we await news from Xiaomi or our trusted sources on smaller Mi Mix, whether that be Mi Mix Nano or any other Mi device.