Latest promo video reveals Xiaomi’s foldable phone

Xiaomi Foldable phone

Xiaomi has been known to test the limits of technology in its products on the market. We are looking at the Mi Mix series in particular. The Mi Mix 1, 2, and 3 have been ground-breakers in their combination of cutting edge tech and practicality.

This time though, Xiaomi has outdone itself in the foldable smartphone space. In a teaser video released recently, Xiaomi has shown its own version of the foldable smartphone. The unique factor in this one is that it folds two-ways. That is, it doesn’t have just one hinge like the foldable prototypes displayed by other manufacturers so far.

Among all the recently released foldable prototypes only the Samsung Galaxy Fold promises a screen that folds inside. Almost every other manufacturer has preferred to make the screen fold on the outside. Creating a screen that folds on the outside sidesteps the issue of creating a crease at the point where the device folds, but it also exposes the screen and increases the chances of it getting tarnished.

Xiaomi Foldable phone-1

Xiaomi’s teaser video shows a moderately fluid transition from tablet to smartphone mode, both in terms of physical handling and software animations. The video gives us a sneak peek at what Xiaomi thinks a foldable smartphone should look like and how it should work. From the promo video, it is apparent that it will end up being much wider and thicker than smartphones of today, especially when used as a phone.

Xiaomi Foldable phone-2

While there have been no official details announced for the phone, such as an exact release date and price, Xiaomi’s teaser video manages to intrigue us and keep us on our toes as far as its foldable smartphones go.

Xiaomi Mi Fold promo video