‘No Posts Yet’ on Instagram: What does it mean and why is it appearing for you?

Instagram No Posts Yet

If you woke up to find that people have blocked you on your favorite social network, that would be quite upsetting, right? However, a bug may be causing this to a few users on Instagram today. Out of nowhere, many users on Instagram are noticing ‘No Posts Yet’ message appear on some profiles recently. So, does it mean you have been blocked by people — even though they are strangers to you? Is it just a bug? Here is everything you need to know.

What does ‘No Posts Yet’ mean on Instagram?

Instagram uses the ‘No Posts Yet’ notification on a profile to indicate that the person has not yet posted any images or videos on their feed. This does not account for stories or Highlights. ‘No Posts Yet’ is common to see when a person just joins Instagram and is yet to add content to their profile.

When does ‘No Posts Yet’ appear on a profile?

While mainly used to indicate that no posts have been added yet, the ‘No Posts Yet’ notification is also synonymous with being blocked. If a user has been blocked, the account that is blocking them will have the notification ‘No Posts Yet’ appear where their posts would normally appear.

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually look up people on Instagram that have blocked you (unlike Snapchat). But when you reach a profile that has blocked you, you will be greeted by the ‘No Posts Yet’ message. A blocked person can still view the ‘Posts’, ‘Followers’, and ‘Following’ count on the blocked profile though.

Does ‘No Posts Yet’ mean I am blocked?

While usually, this is what the indication means, a slew of users has suddenly noticed this occur on random accounts that they do not even follow. This seems to be a bug that is causing accounts to show up as ‘No Posts Yet’, even if they haven’t blocked you.

There is no official word from Instagram about this new bug yet. While it is possible to block an account that you do not follow, the new number of reports indicate that the problem is probably a bug.

Is it a bug, or are you really blocked by the person?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell at this point. Both occurrences have the exact same look on Instagram. When you are blocked or experience this new bug, the other person’s account has the notification ‘No Posts Yet’, though you can still see their Posts, Followers, and Following count at the top.

How to tell if you are blocked or the person has really not posted yet?

There is a way to distinguish between the two, but only if the person has indeed posted something. If you are blocked, you can still see the ‘Post’ count of the account in the top panel. For example, if a person has blocked you, their profile will say ‘No Posts Yet’, but their post count may say 200 (or whatever their Post count is).

However, an account that has not yet posted, will show ‘0’ on their post count. Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish the two if the account has not yet posted anything.

What can you do about the ‘No Posts Yet’ bug on Instagram?

Right now, nothing. All you can do is wait until Instagram corrects the problem, which shouldn’t take long as they are constantly pushing out updates. Make sure you keep an eye on the app store and update your app as soon as you see a new update appear.

What to do if ‘No Posts Yet’ appears on your own profile?

Sometimes the ‘No Posts Yet’ notification may show up on your own profile even though you have indeed posted before. In this case, there are a few things you can do to get rid of this notification.

Sign out and sign back in

Signing out of your Instagram account, and then signing back in usually seems to fix this issue. Of course, make sure you remember your credentials before you sign out. It should be noted that signing out of your account will delete any drafts that you had saved. However, it will not affect your account in any other way.

Clear the cache

An easy fix for the problem is to simply clear the app’s cache. Clearing the cache will not delete any personal information on your account.

To clear the cache, go to your Device Settings > Apps > Instagram. Now go to ‘Storage’ and tap ‘Clear cache’.

Check your Internet connection

The ‘No Posts Yet’ problem on your profile is usually the result of the page not loading properly. Many a time this is simply because your internet connection is spotty. Try connecting to a Wifi network or vice versa and try loading the page again.

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  1. I was experiencing this issue. For months I kept reporting it to IG with no response. I finally discovered that Facebook has a Facebook business support chat my IG is a business account. The representative was not able to find anything wrong with my account. after poking around and trying lots of things we ended the call. afterwards my dad called me to tell me that he could see my account but it had an age restriction. I think it’s a glitch, and with the representative poking around in my account, something made something go through. I don’t have the technical understanding to describe it accurately. But what saved me was them poking around. I was able to go into my settings and remove the age restriction. My account is back to normal.

  2. Worngly my self block my pleaz recover this

  3. My account has the no post yet bug do y’all know how to fix it?

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