Instagram Is Developing a ‘Challenges’ Feature for Channels

What to know

  • Instagram is working on a new ‘Challenges’ feature that will allow you to create photo contests in channels. 
  • Challenge creators will judge winners while members can interact with the entries. Challenges and photo entries can be shared in stories, messages, as well as across apps. 

Instagram is reportedly working on a new ‘Challenges’ feature that will allow you to create photo contests for channel members. The contests will revolve around members submitting photos based on a topic. The winners will be chosen and awarded prizes by the contest creator.  

The feature was first spotted by eagled-eyed developer Alessandro Paluzzi who reported the findings on X (formerly Twitter).

As per the shared screenshot, members will be able to “react, share and report entries” while creators will have the power to “delete the challenge at any time.” Furthermore, the challenges can be shared by anyone in their stories, messages, and across other apps. This will allow the contests to reach a wide audience that is not just limited to Instagram. 

The feature is currently in development so there’s no confirmation on when it will roll out to users. 

Instagram is also working on several new updates, such as making backdated posts and filtering political content from feeds. Stay tuned for similar updates. 

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