Instagram May Soon Let You Post to the Past

What to know

  • Instagram may soon let you make backdated posts.
  • The post may not appear in people’s feeds but will be seen on your profile.
  • There’s no confirmation on whether there’ll be any way to tell backdated posts from regular posts. 

Everyone loves a well-designed Instagram page. Although you can use several techniques to spruce up your profile grid, you can’t add a post to the past. But according to recent leaks, this might soon change. 

Tech sleuth Alessandro Paluzzi shared on X (formerly Twitter) evidence of a new ‘Post to the past’ Instagram feature that is currently in development. The screenshot (shown below) suggests that the upcoming feature could let you make backdated posts. The option to post to the past will be available on the final step of creating a new post, just above the ‘Boost post’ option. 

Image: Alessandro Paluzzi (X)

As per the screenshot, the ‘Post to the past’ will feature a calendar icon, which suggests that by tapping on it you might be able to select the date to backdate your post to. Furthermore, the post may not appear in people’s feed but they’ll be able to see it on your profile by scrolling to the date it was posted to.

What’s yet to be confirmed is whether there will be anything to indicate that the post was backdated. This is an important element the lack of which could brew all kinds of troubles, the likes of which could range from simple household spats to civil lawsuits.

Between now and the possible release of this feature, we might have more news on the matter. So stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for this ‘post to the past’ feature on Instagram. Until next time!

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