What Happens When You Archive Or Delete Reels And How To Do That

Instagram recently launched the ability to post short-form content to its platform, quite similar to TikTok. The company is calling this feature Instagram Reels and allows users to post 15-second videos to Instagram. Reels can be directly recorded using the in-built camera application or can be imported from your local storage as well. You can also apply different effects and filters to your footage as well as use the in-built editor to trim it according to your needs. While this is a great feature considering the dicey future of TikTok, can you delete videos posted to Instagram Reels? Let’s find out.

Can you delete your Instagram Reels?

Yes, you can easily delete posted Instagram Reels from your account feed. In case you wish to update any particular video or post a follow-up or simply post a correction then the delete function is a great feature for you. Though, you should keep in mind that the comments, likes, and views of that particular Reel will be lost forever. Even though you may be posting the same Reel again, only with minor edits, your Reel will have to start from scratch in terms of viewership.

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What happens when you archive a Reel?

Archiving a post/reel on Instagram hides the particular Reel/post from all your followers. The archived content is also hidden from all people visiting your Instagram even if your profile is public.

Archiving also manages to preserve the likes, comments, and views received on your post/reel which can come in handy if you only wish to temporarily remove a post from your Instagram feed.

Archiving is the best choice if you want to hide something from your feed, schedule something for later on, remove something but ensure that you can keep it for memories and more.

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What happens when you delete a Reel?

Just like any other platform, deleting reels and posts on Instagram permanently removes them from your news feed and Instagram servers. There is no way to recover your deleted content and there is no way to trace them back to you as well.

Moreover, all the comments, likes, and views that your post/reel received will be lost forever. Even if you want to post the same content to Instagram again, you will have to begin from scratch.

How to delete or archive an Instagram Reel?

Open Instagram on your mobile device and navigate to the reel your wish to delete/archive. Now tap on the ‘3-dot’ menu icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Depending on your preference, choose either ‘Delete’ or ‘Archive’.

If you chose to delete, confirm your selection by tapping on ‘Delete’ again.

If you chose archive, your post will be automatically archived without any confirmation.

Your Instagram Reel should now be deleted or archived depending on your choice.

We hope this guide helped you learn all you needed to know about deleting and archiving Reels on Instagram. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


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