How to get famous on Instagram Reels

Fame is a fickle mistress, and yet we find ourselves chasing its coattails, now more than ever. Of course, there’s a very good reason why Millennials and Gen Xers are super driven towards attaining fame. The possibility of becoming famous is higher now than ever before thanks to Social Media and this beautiful thing called the Internet.

The democratization of content has triggered our own twenty-first-century Rennaisance, a time when some of the most creative expressions of humankind are on display through multiple varied movements across the globe. Oh, what a time to be alive! We are not just witnessing but even being part of this Netnaissance (as we have now decided to coin it), a period that will forever be etched as a poignant and crucial point in human history.

All romanticizing aside, becoming and staying famous is not an easy feat to achieve, especially when you only have 15-seconds to get it right. Fortunately, you’re not of America’s Got Talent and there is a much higher scope of success on Instagram Reels when your judges are millions over just three. So whether you’re a newbie or an experienced TikToker, here’s a guide that will help (hopefully) propel you towards fame and influencership.

Tips and tricks to get famous on Instagram Reels


How you approach something can make a world of difference in terms of results. There are some aspects in which a sincere and dedicated approach is absolutely necessary.

Content is key

You have to approach your content based on the emotion you want to invoke from your audience, how you want to project yourself to them, and something you’re truly passionate about. Don’t become a sellout for the sake of being famous because eventually, even if you do strike gold, you will not find joy in what you’re doing.

So in those 15 seconds that you have, attempt to find your content style first and make sure you’re enjoying the process of discovery. Even if you don’t feature in the first try, you can keep practicing and as a major plus begin populating your Reels section with content. Eventually, just like TikTok, Instagram’s algorithm will also pick up good content.

Small is the new big

Chances are (and this happens), you’ll discover that the content you’re good at and enjoy producing don’t fit into one of the big leagues like lip-syncing, dancing, pets or pranks.  Of course, if they do and you were a former famous TikToker, then you’re set. But in 15 seconds, if you’re able to great a brilliant response from the audience over some ingenious art hacks or organizing tips, then you’ve found your niche audience and managed to ensure consistent engagement. Trust that they will keep coming back because they won’t be getting variety for something that very few creators (like you) are capable of, especially in a space like Instagram.

The brand makes a difference

Especially because it’s only for 15-seconds, anything that you create for the public domain must be distinctly identifiable as you. So whether it’s the name of your account, the color schemes you use, or the way you greet and sign-off, some amount of work has to be put in to help identify yourself effectively. Remember that in this game, you’re the brand and your product is whatever you create. Your brand plays an important role in audience recall as well so make sure that you do yourself justice.


Learning discipline will help bring stability and structure to your process. It’s not always easy to follow through and some days are going to be rough. On such days, your discipline will play an important role.

Post consistently

Whether you’re posting one reel or 10, if you have set a posting pattern for your Instagram Reels that you need to maintain the pattern as much as possible. If you have heard of Instagram algorithms, then keep in mind that they keep track of posting consistency as well. If the algorithm identifies you as an unreliable creator, it will directly affect the reach of your Reels and so, your engagement as well. Keep in mind that even Social Media platforms are looking for reliable and disciplined content creators who take their task seriously, so the more disciplined you are, the faster you will achieve fame.

Don’t ignore your ORM

Online Reputation Management is something that you will have to inculcate not only because it’s important to communicate with your audience and maintain your good image but also because non-responsiveness creates a bad impression. So sincerely and purposefully approach your ORM and make sure that you set a process to reply to your audience that works well for you.

Maintain a ritual

Whether it’s specific to the actual reel creation process or your overall online activity, try to establish a ritual into the process. Some creators have a ritual in which they talk to their pets while others make sure that at a particular set time of the day, they will simply stop everything else and focus on post-production with a scented candle or their favorite music playing. Rituals are very grounding and help to keep one centered. If discipline is a compulsion, then the ritual turns it into an act of love.


Your attitude will influence your approach and discipline greatly. So the right attitude will play an important role in getting you good results.

Step out of your comfort zone

The probability of feeling super awkward, looking silly, and worst of all, failing miserably is very likely when you venture out on Instagram Reels. To add to your woes, thousands of people are uploading to Reels every day and so the chances of you attaining fame may appear very bleak. But was the case for TikTok as well and if creators were able to emerge from obscurity into fame there, it will happen on Instagram as well.

This is exactly the kind of thought process that will not help, in fact, it will only deter you from stepping out of your comfort zone. The whole point is to go through the process of destruction and reconstruction so that you can emerge from the ashes as someone who is ready to try things and step out of your comfort zone without a second thought. Remember that true fame only lies beyond one’s comfort zone.

Stay open to feedback

Anyone who has ever become famous has faced the ire of their audience for something or the other. So you will have to learn to keep it cool and take the feedback that’s coming from the audience with a grain of salt. Critical feedback is better than no feedback at all because at least you know that your audience is engaging with you and having some kind of reaction to your content.

Engagement Strategies

Once you’ve done your part, you need to make sure that Instagram does its job as well. This is when effective engagement strategies come into the picture.

Trends and Hashtags

Having awareness of the Trends on Instagram is just as crucial as it used to be on TikTok. Since Reels have just been introduced, the trends on Instagram will go through a bit of a transition, especially as TikTokers arrive at Reels themselves. Trendy content and the use of appropriate hashtags are the most essential activities for any content creator on any social media platform. Instagram does not follow the same trends as TikTok does, however, Reels will change that and we will see the emergence of new trends that you as a content creator must absolutely stay on top of along with an array of appropriate hashtags to ensure that your reel has the best chance possible.

Keep track of your audience metrics

Whether it’s likes, shares, or comments, these engagement metrics must be observed regularly to help you with your content production. From best-performing Reels to least performing ones, there is something to be learned and understood from the Reels that you post. Don’t take it for granted that the audience will keep coming back because complacency can be costly.

Cross-pollinate your audience

Many famous TikTokers are shifting their fan bases to Instagram which is a good move to ensure that they have a good starting point on Reels. However, the act of bringing the audience from other creators or social media platforms is an age-old, yet effective engagement strategy that one should keep in mind.

Whenever you see videos and content from other Social Media platforms on a creator’s reels or a collaboration between two creators, that’s basically cross-pollination. Chances of your audience being on multiple Social Media is fairly high and the possibility of seeing a drastic increase in your fan base after a collaboration video is even higher. So make sure that you find creative ways like these to bring a fresh audience to your content.

Along with all the tips and tricks that we have suggested, stay patient, and don’t forget to have fun. The process of content creation is a very beautiful thing and fame is supposed to be a by-product of the process and not its final result. Take care and stay safe!

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