Watch New Nexus 4 Ad by LG and Photo Sphere Ad by Google

We all know the Nexus 4 is a hard phone to catch at the Play Store, what with it getting sold out within minutes of coming back in stock and then disappearing off inventory charts currently.

With demand like that, it is clear that consumers don’t need any snazzy adverts or commercials to make them want to pick up the latest and the greatest from Google. But LG and Google are still playing out their marketing budgets, and have released two separate video spots for the Nexus 4.

The Google ad aims at your personal sensitivities and shows off how you can use the amazing Photo Sphere function on the Nexus 4 to capture a family photo. And the result, as you will see in the video below is quite impressive, we must say. But considering Nexus 4’s are still elusive, only the chosen few with Nexus devices blessed with Android 4.2 will be able to try this at home.

[youtube video_id=”aA8quc-93CU” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

As for the second ad, LG has created a two minute spot which shows off the various hardware and software features and capabilities of its new baby. Goes without saying that Photo Sphere, the stunning HD IPS+ display, Google Maps with turn-by-turn navigation, the reflective effect on the back panel, the powerful quad-core Snapgragon S4 Pro processor all find a place in this neatly out together ad. Check it out.

[youtube video_id=”jsk-L1sbiGA” width=”620″ height=”400″ /]

While we all love ads for Nexus devices, and these are no different, we really wish LG would focus more on beefing up their manufacturing capabilities than spending money on marketing a product which doesn’t need marketing, going by the rate at which is getting sold out. As a quick update, both versions of the Nexus 4, 8GB as well as 16GB, are currently still sold out on the Play Store.

Via Droid-Life